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The Dogs Divine ‘Size of the Fight’ Album Review

This gang of rock ‘n’ roll reprobates founded in 2007 signed originally to Chavis Records after just one show and released a debut album in the summer of 2008, but not without the usual line-up changes and the upheaval of managers and booking agents. They are now signed to Mortal Music Inc, after being discovered by Tim King (Soil), who heard Hell Wouldn’t Have Me and  released this eleven track CD entitled “Size of the Fight” in 2011.

Dogs: Great rock track with gruff vocals, superb melodic content and offers a great anthemic quality.  The driving force of drums, balanced guitar and solid bass makes it a good opener – I think these dogs are ready to fight!

Overnight Sensation: A nice little chugging riff opens this track, along with some nice gravelly vocals and pounding beats alongside spoken lyrics and overall sleaze sound with screeching guitars which really builds this into a superb track.

FDLF: Chunky rhythms and riffs galore here; I defy anyone to try and sit through this without at least tapping a foot or moving the head in up and down motions – virtually impossible. The guitar just serenades whilst the vocals are not as scathing but none the less add to this well balanced track.

Gypsy King: An acoustic slide guitar track, which simply brings deftly plucked strings to the forefront. It brings a front porch into mind, and a long haired guy sitting playing his guitar to the backdrop of a beautiful scenic view. The vocals are just perfect for this track, it builds to a mighty crescendo and no doubt will get a few more plays once I’m finished.

Hell Wouldn’t Have Me: Turn it up a notch higher – this is definitely the heaviest track so far and brings you out of your slumber.  It adds an excitement with its chugging guitar riffs and brings you a good satisfying listen. I am not surprised they got signed after Tim King heard this – it is heavy!

Brand New Addiction: Great bass hooks and drumming coupled with some of the most amazing riffs around more scourging vocals with a faster tempo. Nice driving tones that, once again gets the head moving and no doubt I can imagine a favourite with the crowd. A Rock ‘n’ Roll bluesy number with bite!

One and Only: Chanting vocals and a driving, forceful beat starts this track with lots of food for thought. And yet another anthemic track that has the frenzied fingers of Karl Von Heilman working to the bone. “Make way for the one and only Dogs Divine!”

I’m in love with my car: The alternative cover version of Queen’s – I’m in love with my Car, taken from A Night at the Opera, only the Dogs have made it a lot heavier and steeped it in rock n roll blues overtones.  Never been a fan of Queen except in the early part of the 70’s, but the Dogs have given this track a new lease of life and brought it into the 21st Century although you can still tell it is a Queen track. Tommy Hart’s vocals definitely do this track the justice it deserves.

Join the Crowd: Nice little chugger of a track opener here with the rhythm really getting under the skin and raising interest. This brings images of fists raised high and being singled out in a haze of stage search lights and the crowd singing along to the lyrics whilst the band gets down and dirty on stage. Really great track!

Gussie: A beautifully sophisticated track holding a highly polished finish with deep acoustic tones melting to the sound of a violin and make it a superb instrumental. Reading the cover I think this track is dedicated to Jim’s Grandfather Gussie who has sadly passed over but I am in no doubt he would be proud of this track.

One of the Ages: Choppy guitar that embraces great rhythm, bass and poignant lyrics and wouldn’t be out of place on a Bon Jovi album.

To sum up The Dogs Divine have produced a really entertaining album of eleven explosive tracks here for the die hard rock and blues fan. Although it is nothing new the tracks do engage the listener and bring to the forefront tracks that people may think were forgotten.

It delves deep into the past but the instrumental brings a lovely new twist to the mix and definitively paints new pictures for the memory to behold.

I will certainly be playing this album again as it takes me back to my roots but now with a new and up to date feel.


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Genre: Rock/Metal

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
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