Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Trick Or Treat open the vault with The Unlocked Songs

Trick or Treat need no introduction and, with the new release, The Unlocked Songs, they deliver a compilation that is a fan must have: covering their twenty years, there are unreleased gems and a sort of ‘b-side’ greatest hits with the added cover of The Misfits ‘Scream’ which is superb interpretation as their trademark metal and melody combine so reliably. 

In total there are a dozen lovable and lovely songs from their repertoire. I had to mention a demo from 2004: ‘Like Donald Duck’ starts with the ducking quack before a pop tinged rock song that is damnably catchy and repeat worthy. Other highlights include the sweeping, glorious ‘Sagittarius – Golden Arrow’ in an acoustic/orchestral reading that matches anything Geoff Tate ever did. Although I despise Christmas songs, their jaunty ‘Evil Needs Christmas Too’ is anti-enough and has slide guitar even if it isn’t their normal fare. ‘Heavy Metal Bunga Bunga’ is as daft as it sounds…can’t understand a word but it’s still great fun. ‘Hampshire Landscape’ takes the heavyweight prize with great riffing and guitar phrasing; imagine Maiden with keys and doing a melodic and triumphant instrumental…this could be it! The operatic yet metallic ‘Dragonborn – Skyrim’ is another slice of classy rock with a twist.

This is an album full of the quirkier side of Trick or Treat and is a must-have for existing fans; if you haven’t heard them, this serves up the width and depth of the band but adds the lesser-known side… personally, this is already on repeat as the humour, variation and skill are irresistible.

The Unlocked Songs is out on May 21 via Scarlet Records.

Tom Dixon
North East born, South West domiciled music lover - mainly heavy rock & blues but not averse to other genres. I'm fortunate to have retired early & I can now take full advantage of the 40+ years I have spent collecting, listening, watching & playing (badly) & have enjoyed researching how blues in particular has shaped the music we know & love today. Now if only I could get my Strat & Musicman to sound in reality how they do in my head!

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