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Wicked Snakes – Lead Me To The Sun

Lead Me To The Sun is the newest debut album from the Staffordshire natives Wicked Snakes. Only being formed this year Wicked Snakes have already started to claw their way into the rock scene with their psychedelic twist on heavy rock.

The intro for the first song, A Ceremony, starts off with soft guitar riff similar to that off a old western movie, being played over a trudging bass line that accompanies the slow drum beat. The slow intro quickly shatters into the quick passed verse as the drums fully come into play, shortly followed by the guitars and bass. The harsh vocals come in full force, matching perfectly with the refined immensity of the instruments.

Next up is a song worthy of mosh pits and head banging, Death Notes. With melancholy guitar riffs, gruff vocals, and a pounding drumbeat it seems like any other Wicked Snakes song but a psychedelic guitar solo halfway through destroys any previous image you had of the band.

The title track to this album, Lead Me To The Sun, begins with an airy, yet complicated, guitar riff, but slowly moves into the verse complemented by a rolling drumbeat and a soft bass line. This airy feel doesn’t last long as the guitars toughen up and the slightly clearer vocals come into play. Although it sounds quite dramatically softer than the previous tracks it still hold on to the psychedelic metal theme that runs through out the entire album.wicked snakes

Straight off the bat this Cause/Effect gives off the “I’m a heavy as hell rock, song punch someone in the face whilst listening to me”. The choppy guitar track, the bounding drums, and slugging bass line along with the fierce vocals are the perfect equation for a metal song. The Feed the Rhino type chorus leaves you wanting more as the vocals break off slightly before coming back in full force.

Up next is Cold Heart. This song is also a slightly slower song, guitar wise but they still contain that odd psychedelic element that makes it a Wicked Snakes song. Although the guitars may seem slower the drums aren’t missing a beat and are rolling full speed through out the song hitting every note available with ease and precision. The slightly sleazy backbone Wicked Snakes is present in this song as the lyrics speak of a person that has no way to save himself or herself.  The lurching bass line is evident as it helps the guitars give this song edgy undertones nearer the end of the song.

The last tract on the album is a stunning 7 minutes of pure brilliance name Choirs. The song shows off the slower side of wicked snakes, whilst mixing in the faster and heavier side that the other tracks proudly show. It is filled to the brim with powerful guitar riffs, and slamming bass lines, whilst constantly changing the tempo and mood of the song. This song seems nowhere near 7 minutes long, as it constantly changes the tempo and mood whilst also changing the genre of music, switching from heavy rock, to psychedelic, to an acoustic guitar on its own before jumping back into the heavy rock that is Wicked Snakes. Choirs is 7 minutes of pure brilliance and is sure not to disappoint any fan or new listener.

Lead Me To The Sun is a great representation of just how well Wicked Snakes can mix so many different genres, themes and moods and make them work so well when they shouldn’t. With the well written songs, forceful melodies and brain melting guitar riffs, Lead Me To The Sun, is definitely one of my favourite heavy rock albums of this year. I personally cant wait to see what become of Wicked Snakes in the new year, as they are bound to rise in rock scene.

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