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Your Demise ‘Cold Chillin’ EP Review

UK St Albans hardcore collective Your Demise are set to release a new EP titled ‘Cold Chilin‘ via Impericon and Pinky Swear Records. The fact that they have chosen to record with Pinky swear records a label known for producing lots of break through artists and hardcore bands will be glee and excitement to many of their current and past fan.

This EP sees Your Demise yet again changing and trying out new things but it does have an old school, hardcore feel about it. This is easy to notice when listening to the first title track Karma. The track opens up with a nice slow drum beat with a leading guitar rift which gains an element of excitement, before Ed’s vocals erupt into the song with the lyrics “IM SO COLD” this allows you to enjoy a heavy and well structured song. Which would make any hardcore fan happy to be two-stepping or jumping up towards the stage to grab the microphone in order to scream the lyrics at the top of their voice. The main focus of this song is easily the catchy chorus which will have you singing in no time.

The second track titled A song to no one will make fans of the past albums The Golden Age and The Kids We Used to be feel right at home. The track starts with a very fast tempo and a catchy energetic opening guitar rift, followed by the eruption of well produced vocals by Ed. Unfortunately, in my opinion the song then takes a wrong turn with clean vocals, my point being here that they just don’t fit well and I personally would just prefer clean vocals.

Nearly Home the fourth track kicks off like wild fire with a classic feel hardcore guitar rift and enforcing vocals made to make an impact, and get people moving and minds racing. The song has many tempo changes and this I feel is very welcome in what Your demise do, as they seem to be one of the best bands who are able to write songs like this. The main lyrics that stand out have to be when Ed screams “ive got the heart of a lion soul of a solider” at the top of his voice.

The final track titled just like the end Again starts off with a fast tempo, which delivers fast and furious hardcore punk influenced lyrics. Followed by gang vocals which fill your ears over and over again, this song has the potential to be a great hit for the band. This track has all the elements to make fans go crazy.

This EP has the potential to take gain back some of the lost fans from the experimental era of The Golden Age. However true fans will love this EP a lot more as they will recognise that Your Demise are just one of those bands who don’t like to follow rules and don’t like to be predicable, and in my opinion that is what makes them shine in the crowed music scene.


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