the clash copy

DVD Review: The Rise And Fall of The Clash

Documentary showing the moving story of The Clash “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and others have greatness thrust upon them.” Thus with a quote from Shakespeare this DVD begins giving way to the sound of helicopters hovering over a huge auditorium in the States, then cutting to ground level as The Clash stroll ...

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red sea fire

Track by Track: Red Seas Fire ‘Confrontation’

Bristolians Red Seas Fire are set to unleash their riff-laden latest on April 7th. The new release in question is ‘Confrontation’, the latest strike of the metaller’s sprawling creative vision, which will eventually be combined with its predecessor ‘Exposition’ and a third E.P ‘Resolution’ (set for release later in 2014) to create the band’s next full length. Confidently straddling goliath ...

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Friars Aylesbury Memorabilia Exhibition

With over 93,000 members, the Friars Aylesbury is the largest and probably one of the most historic music clubs in the UK. It is probably one of the biggest music clubs in Europe. The famous club first opened its doors in 1969, and although it was closed twice during its long history (in 1984 it closed its doors for 25 ...

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Top 10 Moments From Hammerfest 2014

We had such a fantastic time at Hammerfest this year, so we thought we would share with you our favourite moments. Some of these moments we all witnessed, and others were more behind the scenes. We would love to hear your top moments too! – Please use the comment box at the bottom of the page. 10. Chris James Ryan ...

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hornets no faith

Track By Track: Hornets ‘No Faith’

Irish quartet Hornets are undeniably a nest of musical fury, serving up doom, gloom and groove in the shape of forthcoming EP ‘No Faith’. Seeing release on March 31st, including vinyl from Guys With Beards Records, the quartet will make their first foray outside of Ireland, exporting their high octane, intense live show to UK audiences throughout March. But in ...

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hit the deck preview

Festival Preview: Hit The Deck 2014

This Easter weekend scores of rock fans will be pouring out onto the streets of Bristol (Saturday 19th) and Nottingham (Sunday 20th). But this is no Easter egg hunt – instead, these hungry music lovers will be in search of riffs, sing-alongs and the odd beer (or five). With a lineup covering a diverse range of genres, Hit The Deck ...

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hrh prog

HRH Prog Festival Review 2014

“New Prog for Old Ears and Old Prog for New Ears. ” That is the mantra for this year’s HRH PROG held at Hafn Y Mor, North Wales 20-22 March 2014. On Saturday I met a short grey man called Mark. He was wearing a blue woollen top, a pair of smart M&S jeans and fresh yachting shoes, he looked ...

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Interview with Overkill at Hammerfest

Blabbermouth recently announced the latest details of Overkill’s new album. The album which is titled ‘White Devil Armory’ is set for release on the 21st July 2014 in Europe via Nuclear Blast. We spoke to ‘Blitz’ at Hammerfest 2014. He talks about some of the changes he has come across from the 80s up until now saying “We didn’t want ...

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heavens basement

Interview With Heaven’s Basement

Before Heaven’s Basement smashed it on The Welcome Home Tour at The Cockpit in Leeds (16th March 2014), RAMzine’s Cherry Welford sat down with guitarist Sid Glover and drummer Chris Rivers. Seated backstage they discussed touring, song writing and who they would like to tour with next. I saw you guys play on your UK summer tour last year at ...

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Hammerfest 2014 Review

Hammerfest now a long established festival. Which this year took place in Pwhelli, Wales. We have heard rumours of the location changing, but nothing has yet been confirmed. The festival takes place at a Haven holiday site – so festival goers get to enjoy comfortable beds to sleep in, warm showers, and a kitchen. This is a whole new world ...

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