RAMzine’s Top Ten Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumours

Everyone loves a good yarn, a good tall-tale, hey! Sometimes the myth is actually better than reality. Rock music is no different; it is choc-full of legends that people down the boozer love to regale you with but which ones are actually really true? Well people, here’s your chance to trump your friends with your awesome knowledge of all things ...

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Review: Slash – World on Fire

‘World On Fire’ is the third solo album from British-American rock legend SLASH. This 17-track album is set to indeed follow in the footsteps of previously released critically acclaimed ‘Apocalyptic Love’. The album is released via Slash’s label Dik Hayd International, and then distributed through Roadrunner Records This will be the second release that this line-up has produced an album together ...

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Review: H.E.A.T. – Tearing Down The Walls

A haunting melody of some regret stirs from the notes of a keyboard in cinematic overture before being edged out by the crash and ride of a bopping rock charge over which a young voice calls out: “My heart is on fire and I want you to feel the same. No turning back. Here I am. Here we stand – ...

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sex pistols

Interview with Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Slim Jim Phantom (Bowie) and Earl Slickhave (Stray Cats)

Photo by: Debra Raffles Trizzini As I was sitting down trying to think of an introduction, a friend of mine sat down next to me and said something that struck me. “It’s just hitting me who we’ve got here tonight. It’s surreal to see these kind of people walking around here”. Surreal indeed. Hertford is an idyllic place, but it doesn’t exactly ...

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Interview with HELLYEAH

It’s late Saturday afternoon and the HELLYEAH sound check is booming away. We are waiting for our interview with Vinnie Paul (drummer). HELLYEAH have debuted #1 on the US BILLBOARD Hard Rock Charts (Top 20 on the overall charts) and the single ‘Sangre Por Sangre (Blood For Blood)’ hit the Top 20 at rock radio in the US. HELLYEAH have made an impressive showing with their fourth ...

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ricky warwick

Interview with Ricky Warwick, Black Star Riders

Thursday 7th August 2014, and we are at The Asylum in Birmingham to talk to Ricky Warwick, a man that has been working in Hard Rock bands since the 80’s, the longest length of his career spent in Scottish band The Almighty. In 2009 Ricky was invited to join Thin Lizzy as lead vocalist and guitarist. Ricky played in Thin ...

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skindred redfest

Interview with Skindred at Redfest

RAMzine spoke to Skindred before their headline set at Redfest, Surrey. Arya Goggin (Drums) tells us how they came to play at Redfest. Arya and Mikey Demus (Guitar) also talk us through the birth of the legendary Newport Helicopter, and how that has gone down at Download Festival over the years, playing to over 70,000 people. We also converse about ...

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Review: Overkill – White Devil Armory

Finally we have our hands on one of the most highly anticipated Thrash albums of this year, Overkill‘s ‘White Devil Armory’. We spoke to Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth about this up-coming release at Hammerfest back in March, and we have been waiting for it ever since. At the time we asked ‘Blitz’ if Overkill would be keeping that consistent Thrash sound, that ...

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Top 10 moments of Sonisphere 2014

10. Progress Wrestling “This is Progress” This Sonisphere weekend RAMzine discovered the world of wrestling, bought to us by Progress Wrestling. Progress brands themselves “Punk Rock Pro Wrestling”. I can guarantee fun at their shows! Rock music + Pro Wrestlers + major crowd participation = one hell of a show, better than some set we saw this weekend! It was ...

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ThrashBack Campaign release Special Edition Anthrax Vinyls

Universal Music is celebrating 30 years of Thrash music by re-issuing seminal albums from the founding fathers of this sub-genre for the ThrashBack Campaign. If you haven’t heard of the campaign yet, the lowdown is that it’s a campaign that celebrates Thrash, and offers some very special deals! The ThrashBack campaign kicked off with the inaugural ‘Wear Your Thrash T-Shirt ...

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