The Goddamn Electric

Interview with The Goddamn Electric at Hammerfest

The Goddamn Electric was founded in January 2010. A group of four lads from Manchester, with a common passion for rock music – who decided take a journey together to restore rock back to its former glory! Taking their name from a well known Pantera song, their combination of catchy riffs, gravel-crushing vocals and a reliably solid backbone of pounding ...

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The Pigeon Detectives

Interview With Ryan Wilson Of The Pigeon Detectives

The Pigeon Detectives are back in town and it looks like they’ll be back in style with their new album ‘We Met At The Sea’ hitting our stores on April 28th. The bands debut ‘Wait For Me’ went platinum, and their second release went Gold, and now after signing to independent label, Cooking Vinyl, the boys are sure to kick ...

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Interview With Tobias Sammet of Avantasia

With Avantasia’s upcoming album ‘Mystery Of Time’ just a  few short weeks away, RAMzine spoke to man behind the magic, Tobias Sammet, to find out a little more about the making of the new album and what it takes to make an Avantasia concept album. The new album is expected to be released March 30th via Nuclear Blast Records and features ...

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what now

Interview with What Now

Durban (South African) born and bred – yet London based – the rocking trio WHAT NOW release their full-length studio album ‘Move Like a Sinner’ on 11 March 2013. RAMZINE met the band at London’s fabulous venue The Lexington this January. We chatted to Tyron (vocals and bass guitar) Ryan (guitars and vocals) and Adam (drums and sampling) about travelling ...

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malnatt interview

Interview with Malnàtt

Earlier this year we reviewed the Italian black metal band, Malnàtt and their latest album ‘Principia Discordia’ (See review here). It was enjoyable to write about and certainly had an unconventional approach when it came to creating their Black Metal sound. Knowing this, I was looking forward to asking the band some questions. They came back with some intriguing answers… ...

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Interview with Neaera

Westphalian (German) melodic shredders Neaera formed in 2004 when guitarist Tobias Buck (at that stage with death/grind band Malzan) formed the group as a side-project. The decision was made to create a sound similar to Tobias’s favourite bands working in the Swedish death metal genre of the period. The original line-up, consisting of Buck, Sebastian Heldt, Benny Hilleke, and Benjamin ...

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the smoking hearts

Interview with ‘The Smoking Hearts’

London-based sleazy punks The Smoking Hearts (originally from Bedfordshire UK) are a 5 Piece Rock ‘n’ Roll band who have promised to bring excitement and danger to audiences – right from the start. Formed by friends Nobba Green (guitar) and Simon Barker (guitar), as a musical outlet for their sweaty punk fuelled rock alter ego personas – The Smoking Hearts ...

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Altaar main feature

Interview with ALTAAR

ALTAAR is the creation of Andreas Tylden and Sten Ove Toft. Andreas Tylden has often been described as one of the most important characters in Norwegian hardcore during last decade. And Sten Toft has been described as Norway’s ‘king of noise’. Together, they have assembled an all-star team with ALTAAR . These Oslo, Norway based doom-masters are now considered to ...

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holy grail

Interview with Holy Grail

Californian up-and-comers HOLY GRAIL – vaunted for their innovative “NWoBHM meets modern times” mixture of styles – are being openly talked about as L.A.’s most exciting metal band of the past two decades. They have now signed an European deal with Nuclear Blast Records and have just released their astounding new studio album “Ride The Void”. RAMzine spoke to vocalist ...

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Defy all reasons feature

Interview with Defy All Reason

Wrexham based band Defy All Reason look set to have a big year ahead of them. Following on from their release of Nickelback-sounding single ‘Shake It’, the band have a UK tour set for 2013, hitting cities such as Liverpool, Chester, Manchester, Wrexham and Worcester, among others. ‘Shake It’ is a no-holds-barred, satisfyingly crunchy ode to the best that the ...

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