Arch Enemy at Bloodstock 2017

Bloodstock – a metal family reunion? 2017 festival highlights

Since the inaugural Bloodstock in 2001, there has been a sense of community  among fans of the Midlands festivals. In a way – it’s similar to it’s biggest adversary Download, with the difference being: this is one big METAL family. There are bands here who wouldn’t go down the same way they would at Donington Park. Which most see as ...

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Eshtadur - Mother Gray

Review: Eshtadur – Mother Gray

Columbia may not be very high on many people’s lists of countries that release a serious melodic death metal album but Eshtadur are once again doing exactly that. Having been around for over a decade the band have had a while to hone their craft and it is evident on this album that they have spent that time wisely… for ...

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Rex Brown

Review: Rex Brown – Smoke On This…

Rex Brown, a name of royalty in the metal World with the huge rise in the 90’s of legendary band, Pantera. Joining a collective of impressive musicians in other projects such as Down and Kill Devil Hill, the later of which being the closest of the three mentioned with what to expect from this solo effort. Smoke on This… takes ...

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ACM Summer Live – An impressive evening of miscellany, revelation and five-star aptitude.

At the end of July we attended the industry evening of the ACM Summer Live events. This is a series of concerts held in Guildford, Surrey — this year at the Electric Theatre — which lasted four days (with live performances) and had more than 60 new acts. This year, this event was organized in collaboration with Eagle 3 [Surrey ...

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ZZ TOP Ramblin Man Fair

Ramblin Man Fair 2017 – The Full Report

FRIDAY After the syrupy Graham Bonnet Band (who got things going early at around 4pm Friday with a great set of recognisable toons — what a fab start!) we careened with sufficient buzziness straight into a sizzling set from the unbelievably-wunderbar! American rockers Last in Line (the original line-up of Dio) with the terrifically cool Viv and Vinnie who brought shouts of joy ...

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Next to None.. "Phases"

Next to None.. “Phases”

Next to None toe an interesting line between crunchy, aggressive American radio metal and wild, extravagant prog rock, with many stylistic left-turns all over this record. While often the focus is on the instrumental prowess on show, the real highlights here occur when the songwriting present on the album takes centre stage. Many of the songs on Phases are over ...

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Blink 182

A journey back to the 90’s with pop punk idols Blink182 setting the O2 Arena on fire.

Pop-punk legends Blink 182 were massively influential on my music tastes during my youth so I couldn’t wait to see them live. I was a bit worried since they cancelled their date in Bournemouth a couple of days before London due to Mark Hoppus falling ill but luckily they went on with their London shows. The O2 Arena was sold ...

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Described by ‘Firebrand Roxx’ magazine as being one of the best ‘live’ bands on the circuit and who should be on more major festival circuits, The Room provided further evidence of this opinion with a coruscating gig at the Robin 2, Bilston. In 2016, The Room were nominated in the ‘best new band’ category at the Classic Rock Society awards and ...

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THE TANGENT ..”The slow rust of forgotten machinery.”

This is the first Tangent album since main man, Andy Tillison, was laid low by a heart attack in 2016, but he’s happily recovered sufficiently and is now back behind the wheel again, and it’s good to have him back. This new album, the band’s ninth, will once again ignite the debate as to exactly what kind of band The ...

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Heavy Traffic

Brooklyn fuzzy-psych outfit Heavy Traffic bring us their sixth album on Twin Earth Records, Plastic Surgery.

‘Rule Of Nines’, the seven-minute-strong opener, unifies heavy, doomy riffs and psychedelic vocals soaring overhead. It’s an insight into what to expect from the album: pure fuzz with densely reverbed vocals. The second track, ‘See Right Through’, is even better.It’ss heavy groove-laden pulse, echoing vocals and wailing guitars evoke thoughts of flying through the cosmos with Fuzz on your walkman. Solid ...

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