The Sleep Eazys

Joe Bonamassa’s The Sleep Eazys release ‘Easy To Buy, Hard To Sell’ 

Joe Bonamassa continues with his quest for world domination with an instrumental album made up of a series of tracks drawn from right across the board. Prolific is a word which doesn’t do justice to Joe Bonamassa as, despite being only 42, this is his fortieth album and it follows on from his other projects, including his tenure with Black ...

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Jim Davies blurs the lines of rock and dark electronica on album Headwars

You may not realise it, but you must have heard Jim Davies‘ music before. He has played on number one hits by one of the biggest British bands ever (The Prodigy), for one of the most innovative alternative rock bands in recent memory (Pitchshifter), as well as provide music for a boatload of TV and film over the past decade. ...

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League Of Corruption stir up something in the water

If you’re in the mood for some dive bar, dirty yet intelligent, Southern-tinged, groove metal then League of Corruption from British Columbia have you covered with their new release Something In The Water. This is very much a no-nonsense album that deals with real-life and offers unapologetic social commentary, few subjects are unscathed from society’s reliance on technology on second ...

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1000mods ignite the youth of dissent on new record

In their own words, 1000mods describe themselves as psychedelic, trippy, hauntingly melodic and dangerously addictive. A fairly accurate description and but would it not be? Incredibly energetic and catchy, 1000mods latest release Youth Of Dissent is a welcome distraction in these trying times. Containing a hint of early grunge, tripped out grooves and more than a few crunchy riffs, it’s an album ...

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Taake and Whoredom Rife

Norwegian black metal stalwarts Taake and Whoredom Rife team up for split EP

Norwegian black metal stalwarts Taake and Whoredom Rife recently teamed up for this superb split EP entitled Pakt consisting of four glorious compositions (two by each entity, that is) that encompass everything that makes said genre so utterly marvelous to immerse oneself in. Rich in atmosphere and chilling to the bone, both musical enterprises have managed to conjure up some ...

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Danny Bryant – Means of Escape

‘Tired of Trying’ opens this album with a bass heavy rhythm section thumping along and a tortured guitar squealing throughout, so much so you’d think blues guitarist Danny Bryant would cut his fingers with the utter rawness of it all. It’s followed by ‘Too Far Gone’ and title wise it says it all, with more of the same in a ...

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In This Moment 2020

In This Moment produce another instant classic album titled Mother

Re-wind back three years, we reviewed In This Moment’s last album Ritual, giving it five stars and at one point comparing them to The Beatles for the band’s constant evolution. Today, in what can only be described as a totally different world: can ITM live up to their magnum opus from the past decade? Before we even listen to one ...

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Code Orange

Code Orange prove once again that the rules of hardcore don’t apply to them on Underneath

Code Orange are the future. On previous album Forever, they made a bold statement, fusing hardcore with power electronics to push hardcore into places it’s never been before, even reaching as far as the Grammys. Now, on this new release Underneath, they push things even further. Eric ‘Shade’ Balderose’s electronics are far more present than ever before, forming the backbone ...

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The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder upholds strong legacy on new album, ‘Verminous’

The Black Dahlia Murder have been a significant figure in the death metal scene for almost 20 years, and have managed to put out consistently high-quality releases. Verminous is no exception. The album begins with lead single, ‘Verminous’, and sets an ominous tone with the sound of plague rats before leading into what will potentially become a live staple once ...

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The Chats

The Chats create a riotous carnival on debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’

It was always clear that The Chats were onto something. After all, the Australian punk trio (comprised of Eamon Sandwith, Matt Boggis, and Josh Price) is likely the only artist who can say that they’ve gotten listeners around the world to boisterously sing along to a song about an STI, gained Iggy Pop as a member of their fanbase, and ...

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