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Pyramido – Fem

Fem is the upcoming fifth full-length album from Swedish sludge outfit Pyramido as they continue to add to their body of work and look to further their reach from their native Scandinavia. All of Pyramido’s work I have taken a look at has a DIY feel to it and this album is no different, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with ...

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4th LABYRINTH set to release new album Better filled with catchy hooks

The debut release of Cambridge-based band 4th Labyrinth, 2015’s Quattro Stagioni, brought the band some degree of public and critical acclaim. The album was plugged in a number of publications and featured on several radio stations across the county, which included the Beeb. Since then the band have been gigging around the country, appearing at festivals, supporting acts like Wishbone ...

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Stevie D.and Corey Glover

Stevie D featuring Corey Glover are Torn From The Pages

You must have heard of Stephen DeAcutis… no? Well, how about Stevie D? He is the ridiculously talented guitarist, producer, multi-Instumentalist, engineer, writer, and performer who has been involved with many and varied acts such as Vanilla Fudge,Vinny Moore, Pat Travers, Carmine and Vinny Appice, Punky Meadows, and Cyndi Lauper to name but a few. He has now teamed up with ...

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Grand Royal

Grand Royale don’t Take It Easy

First of all, this is NOT the Beastie Boys tribute band that plies their trade in Portland, Oregon (the home of Grimm!) so beware your Googling! This Grande Royale are from Sweden and presents a clever blend of 70s era American rock and the ever-strong Scandi rock of the 90s and beyond. Now on to album number five (counting a live ...

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Cassels takes the ear on a journey in The Perfect Ending

A compilation of great songs as wonderful as they may be, do not automatically amount to a meaningful listening experience. After all, not everything that may be pleasing to the ear is necessarily transforming, shaping, or challenging the listener. Of course, this is not to say that every piece of music must do this, but if it does, it is ...

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ANAMORPH release full-length album Lucid

This is a wholly instrumental album played by four guys from North Carolina who, with just the standard four-piece line-up of two guitars, bass and drums, attempt to join together several disparate strands of music. They’re neither a prog band nor a metal or MOR band but they fuse elements of each into what they play. This means therefore it’s ...

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The Neptune Power Federation

The Neptune Power Federation share The Memoirs Of A Rat Queen

It can be tempting to dismiss a band when the hyperbole surrounding a release says such things as “She came from outer space, a celestial being with supernatural powers, namely, inhuman vocals and a godly stage presence. She is the only one who can make four leather-clad bike-rockers readily dedicate their lives in subservience, ready to serve her in the ...

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Goo Goo Dolls

Goo Goo Dolls unleash new album Miracle Pill

Goo Goo Dolls have a predictable formula when it comes to their music. The softest rock, meaning the lightest taps on the drums, the same few piano chords echoing in the background, pop rock guitar styling, added to the most inoffensive lyrics, with not a curse word in sight…well, sound, and you have one of their records. Their latest albums ...

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Crystal Ball

Swiss melodic rock band Crystal Ball release ‘Best of…’ entitled 2020

For the first time in their twenty years and counting career, Swiss melodic rock band Crystal Ball are releasing a ‘Best of ..’ entitled 2020 (twenty songs, twenty years ..geddit?) This is a double CD celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the band. The first CD contains ten of Crystal Ball’s most popular songs in their first two decades together, all of them ...

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Black Belt Eagle Scout

Black Belt Eagle Scout strikes a bullseye in the epicenter of the soul in upcoming record, “At The Party with My Brown Friends”

There is something effortlessly comforting about Black Belt Eagle Scout’s forthcoming record, At The Party with My Brown Friends. As a whole, the record provides a similar sensation to changing into dry clothes after getting caught in the rain, or drinking a soothing, warm beverage in the small hours of the morning. Yet, the record is also reminiscent of the ...

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