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Tim Bowness’s Flowers At The Scene – His most powerful and strongest solo album to date

Using a propulsive backdrop of art rock, heartbreaking ballads and quirky pop tunes, Tim Bowness has delivered a new album of eleven diverse and concise songs. Each with cinematic storytelling and disarmingly confessional lyrics, containing all the inventiveness found in the musical projects Bowness has previously been involved in. To his fanbase, Tim Bowness, an English composer and musician, is ...

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Dr. Awkward & The Screws

Dr. Awkward & The Screws – Gettin’ out of Style

While the lyrics and vocals on the new Dr. Awkward & The Screws album, Gettin’ Out of Style have their moments, what really steals the spotlight on this album are the long instrumental riffs that provide serious opportunity for headbanging until you get dizzy. The song names on Getting’ Out of Style may make you think you’re in for some of ...

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Beast in Black

Beast in Black are back with From Hell With Love

Grab your leather jacket and sunglasses because Helsinki power-metal five-piece Beast in Black are back! For the uninitiated, Beast In Black was founded by former Battle Beast guitarist Anton Kabanen in 2015 after he unceremoniously departed ways with his former band mates. Beast in Black follows up their debut album Berserker (2017) with sophomore effort From Hell With Love scheduled ...

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Finnish doom trio Asphodelus release Stygian Dreams

Asphodelus in their own words create “death doom for the lost souls”. They harbour clear influences from heavyweights such as Katatonia and My Dying Bride, whilst drawing inspiration from the gloom and darkness of British death/doom, the macabre and mysterious history of an ancient Greek cult and the “masennus” or depression of 90’s Finnish death metal. Despite pulling from such ...

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Tobias Sammet’s AVANTASIA set to release Moonglow                    

Avantasia (an amalgam of Avalon & Fantasia, said to mean a world beyond human imagination) is a German supergroup metal opera created by Tobias Sammet. The sometime vocalist with Edguy follows up 2016’s Ghostlights album with yet another album full of musical adventure, entitled Moonglow.  Sammet says “I believe this is the most unadorned and detailed work we’ve ever produced. Avantasia ...

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Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space

Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space may have crossed over with ‘All These Fiendish Things’

With Bloodsucking Zombies From Outer Space (or BZFOS for short), it’s hard to judge if they have truly ‘made it’ or not. Not that it matters to them I assume, nor does it affect their music one bit, yet it’s hard to gauge if people know them as a band or just heard the name and thought ‘What the hell ...

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Blodskam release La-Bas

Despite the long history of Blodskam, the Swedish back metal band have only just released their debut album. The band was formed in 1998, when black metal had already established itself as the most radical musical movement. But still, getting through the years the members of Blodskam decided to reunite a few years ago finally releasing their La-Bas. Blodskam decided ...

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Hexvessel set to release All Tree

British/Finnish sensation Hexvessel know a thing or two about psychedelic and highly evocative folk rock. The ensemble’s fourth effort entitled All Tree delves even further into the mysteries of nature and its many melancholy shades and nuances, and the record’s restlessly inventive spirit is truly invigorating. The overall effect of listening to this eclectic and emotional endeavor is downright haunting, ...

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Pterodactyl Problems

Pterodactyl Problems: flying lizards with Esoteric Hobbies

Pterodactyls have a problem… they are extinct! However, Pterodactyl Problems the band, are anything but and they prove this with a massively energetic album neatly entitled Esoteric Hobbies. Hailing from Toronto they originally formed in 2012, released an eponymous album, then went on a brief hiatus, until reforming in 2017 to write and record this mad (in a good way) mix of genres ...

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Trauma play As The World Dies

Trauma made waves in what was known as the Bay Area Scene back in 1982, partly because Metallica man Cliff Burton was one of its members in their early days. Those waves crested in ’84 with their album Scratch And Scream which was fairly successful, but after that they seemed to disappear until 2015 when they released Rapture And Wrath to coincide with the reissue ...

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