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1000mods Ignite the Youth of Dissent on new record

In their own words, 1000mods describe themselves as psychedelic, trippy, hauntingly melodic and dangerously addictive. A fairly accurate description and but would it not be? Incredibly energetic and catchy, 1000mods latest release Youth Of Dissent is a welcome distraction in these trying times. Containing a hint of early grunge, tripped out grooves and more than a few crunchy riffs, it’s an album ...

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Danny Bryant – Means of Escape

‘Tired of Trying’ opens this album with a bass heavy rhythm section thumping along and a tortured guitar squealing throughout, so much so you’d think blues guitarist Danny Bryant would cut his fingers with the utter rawness of it all. It’s followed by ‘Too Far Gone’ and title wise it says it all, with more of the same in a ...

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In This Moment 2020

In This Moment produce another instant classic album titled Mother

Re-wind back three years, we reviewed In This Moment’s last album Ritual, giving it five stars and at one point comparing them to The Beatles for the band’s constant evolution. Today, in what can only be described as a totally different world: can ITM live up to their magnum opus from the past decade? Before we even listen to one ...

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Code Orange

Code Orange prove once again that the rules of hardcore don’t apply to them on Underneath

Code Orange are the future. On previous album Forever, they made a bold statement, fusing hardcore with power electronics to push hardcore into places it’s never been before, even reaching as far as the Grammys. Now, on this new release Underneath, they push things even further. Eric ‘Shade’ Balderose’s electronics are far more present than ever before, forming the backbone ...

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The Chats

The Chats create a riotous carnival on debut album ‘High Risk Behaviour’

It was always clear that The Chats were onto something. After all, the Australian punk trio (comprised of Eamon Sandwith, Matt Boggis, and Josh Price) is likely the only artist who can say that they’ve gotten listeners around the world to boisterously sing along to a song about an STI, gained Iggy Pop as a member of their fanbase, and ...

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Demonic Death Judge blaze a new trail of blistering sludge

When it comes to music, Finland is most commonly associated with Death and Black Metal but lurking amongst its underbelly is an oozing pool of sludge, produced by Demonic Death Judge who return on March 27th with their new album “The Trail” via Suicide Records. Don’t be fooled by the cover work picturing a beautiful Scandinavian landscape and the album’s ...

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Ben Poole Trio /// Live ‘19

London and the third Cumbria way. Having witnessed the young man in Manchester earlier that year (as special guest to Ana Popovic), I’m happy to testify to his prowess in a live environment, and if you can’t get to see him for yourself then this live twin pack CD is just what the doctor ordered. Alongside Poole are former King ...

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Weed Demon are ready to stamp you out with Crater Maker

Columbus, Ohio based Sludge and Stoner Doom dealers Weed Demon have released their sophomore album, ‘”Crater Maker” a six-track release that follows up 2017’s debut effort Astrological Passages. It has to be admitted that on the first play through the opening two tracks, both instrumentals, ‘Atmospheric Drag’ and ‘Birthquake’ didn’t immediately grab my attention, they are a little drawn out ...

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Lykantropi have reissued their fascinating sophomore album Spirituosa

The superb metamorphical and über-symbolistical 1970s-style Swedish rock band Lykantropi have reissued their fascinating sophomore album, titled Spirituosa via Despotz Their song-story kicks off with a cacodemonic exaltation on ‘Wild Flowers’ with its correlated guitars, expressive vocals, and delightful arrangements. This seems to be superimposed onto rainy, almost crisp, darkness and is a track that wouldn’t have been out of place on ...

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H.E.A.T – H.E.A.T II

The album opens with a wave of keyboard flourishes of Vangelis like epic-ness flourishes setting the scene before being met by a leaping legato guitar riff cutting, where together in tandem they lead the way, aided by pounding rhythm as the singer tells us about a young lady who’s his “kryptonite”. Come the chorus we know the exact reason why ...

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