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To paraphrase my review of this band’s 4 Shots EP released a while back, they come on like Bon Jovi and Aerosmith but they have more than a little in common with The Eagles, were they more credible and contemporary. Lead singer and acoustic guitarist Angelo Tristan has a husky rasp that initially reminds you of Nickleback’s Chad Kroeger but ...

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Has Glam Rock risen from the dead? Starbenders have the answer.

Hailing from somewhere deep within the time space continuum, or better known as Atlanta , USA, hauntingly fierce four piece Starbenders are taking the world on a journey through the era’s with their debut album Love Potions out now via independent label, Sumerian Records following their signing with BIJ Records last year. The band is made up of Kimi Shelter ...

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Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots Embrace Vulnerability on New Acoustic Album ‘Perdida’

An apocryphal story has it that Stone Temple Pilots (STP) began when original vocalist Scott Weiland and guitarist Rob DeLeo met up at a Black Flag gig in 1985 and, after talking for a few minutes, both men realised they were dating the same woman! Whatever, what’s not in doubt is the band Mighty Joe Young emerged from this meeting, soon ...

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Anubis Makes a Name for Themselves on New Album ‘Homeless’

Homeless is the sixth studio album from Australian prog band Anubis, who are in the process of making a name for themselves down under. Despite a couple of forays into Europe to play gigs, they have yet to fully make their mark in the United Kingdom. Anubis are classed as being neo-prog though they’re at the more melodic end of ...

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PENGSHUi showcase a unique form in self-titled debut

PENGSHUi are a newer formation, but the men in the makeup of this trio are veteran composers with cultivated roots in a variety of genres. After a string of stand-out singles, the boys are ready to unleash a proper release onto the scene with their debut, self-titled album. This record is a bass driven, visceral force of attitude employing a ...

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Christian Münzner

Christian Münzner Takes The Path Of The Hero

Christian Münzner has always been an underappreciated name in the landscape of shred despite being more versatile than some of his peers; spanning all the way from Jazz fusion themed death metal to instrumental neoclassical power metal and Path of the Hero goes on to show off his skills as a songwriter. Path of the Hero is a power metal ...

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Tulus Take Us To A Dark Place with Old Old Death

Yours truly is a massive fan of Evil 1999 by the ugly Norwegian black metal scumbags collectively known as Tulus, and such foul and deeply atmospheric offerings as Biography Obscene and the compilation entitled Cold Core Collection are also way up there with the very best of them. Naturally, reviewing the sinister ensemble’s latest slab of musical darkness, more specifically ...

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God Dethroned Become Enlightened With ‘Illuminati’

Dutch blackened death metal battalion God Dethroned are once again ready to crusade across Europe as they embark on a tour cycle for their new release, Illuminati which drops February 7th via Metal Blade Records. Illuminati sees the band alter their sound slightly, on this record they wanted to present a fuller, deeper arrangement of tracks and the end result is really ...

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Nuclear Winter

Nuclear Winter clocks in and turns up the metal on ‘Night Shift’

When you think of emerging metal scenes your mind doesn’t immediately go to the African continent, and you’d be forgiven for that. Gary Stautmeister, however, is about to change everything with his Zimbabwe-based solo project Nuclear Winter and his new album Night Shift. With the trend of one-man acts growing within the heavy metal world, it’s becoming increasingly important and that ...

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Ash look back at their stunning career with ‘Teenage Wildlife’ best of.

Ash is one of those bands that everyone knows, likes, listens to, etc. yet they have never been over-played or overrated. In theory, everyone likes Ash! It doesn’t feel like 26 years since their first single ‘Jack Names The Planets’, as they still sound as fresh today as they did in 1994 – but apparently so. This is like an ...

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