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Lamb of God – Ashes of the Wake 15th anniversary

It’s hard to think Ashes of the Wake is well into the throes of its angst, rebellious, teenage life. We live in a world where this album is older than some of its own fans, something I really struggle to wrap my mind around! When Ashes of the Wake first came about, Lamb of God were a well and truly ...

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Roulette suggests the time is Now!

For a band that formed in 1985 Roulette never reached the peaks they deserved…this was mainly down to that old chestnut, record label cock-ups. The good news is thatbassist/vocalist Hansi Fellbrink, Thomas Lundgren on vocals, Magnus Nelin on guitar/vocals and Mats Nelin on drums, are back together and have recorded ten new tracks that have inherited their Swedish AOR roots and ...

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Reflector on the Turn

Andreas Heller and David Reumüller played as a duo called Reflector for over twenty years and released four albums in that time. Recently however, Martin Plass a talented singer and bassist for a band known as the Striggles, joined them. That was a sort of Bon Jovi style band and Plass has combined his melodic experiences with the heaviness of the ...

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Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro engages four-wheel drive

It’s Thursday, it’s seven o’clock…it’s Top of the Pops! (Crackerjack was Fridays at five, but seemed like a relevant misuse of their catchphrase). It was 1973, the time of the hormonal youth of fourteen, and ToTP was a must see each week… most of the music was crap as I’d already adopted heavy rock, but Pans People were not to ...

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Lee McKinney

Lee McKinney of Born Of Osiris releases solo album, Infinite Mind

If the name ‘Lee McKinney’ rings a bell, it’s probably because you’re a BORN OF OSIRIS fan, however Lee has decided to step outside of the OSIRIS light by releasing a solo album, namely his upcoming Infinite Mind, available on March 2019 under Sumerian Records. This purely instrumental album stages not only McKinney’s musical taste but his musical talent, for over ...

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Hands Off Gretel may have an album of the year contender with ‘I Want The World’

If you have never listened to Hands Off Gretel – you need to start now. Start with this record. No kidding. Let me explain… Hands Off Gretel were a bunch of grunge-loving guys and girls in Yorkshire in 2015 and decided to form a band making music you just don’t hear anymore. Fronted by songwriter Lauren Tate, with a clear ...

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Periphery’s IV Hail Stan pushes the boundaries of progressive alternative metal

The latest iteration from Periphery’s numerical albums offers up nine new tracks for it’s forth chapter, Hail Stan. This sixth studio album by the quintet offers an eclectic range of emotions, energy and styles, truly pushing the boundaries of progressive alternative metal. Opening with the nearly seventeen minute roller coaster that is ‘Reptile’, we find a mix of aggressive djent ...

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LA Guns – The Devil You Know

Just over a year ago from LA Guns released their comeback album,  The Missing Peace. It was a decent stab at past glories, and it’s no surprise that a number of the songs from that album are played live. Their quick-fire delivery of follow-up, The Devil You Know, was eagerly anticipated by those who remember this mob as being among the leading players of ...

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Cities of Mars

Take A Trip With Cities Of Mars And Visit The Horologist

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, self-professed fuzzed-out sci-fi, doom trio, Cities of Mars hit the scene around 2015, ready to fully lean into the conceptual space of stoner doom. With their two debut singles launching their tale of a Soviet agent landing on Mars covertly in 1971 and discovering a buried civilization. The following Celestial Mistress EP continued to flesh out the interplanetary ...

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Crown of Autumn

Crown of Autumn return with Byzantine Horizons

Italy’s Crown of Autumn have been on the scene since 1996 and have been fine-tuning their sound ever since. Despite their lengthy existence, the band has only three full-length albums to their name with a fourteen-year gap between their debut and second outing. With this in mind, it’s clear that Crown of Autumn release music in a very deliberate fashion. ...

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