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Nightwish show their scale and ambition on ‘Decades: Live in Buenos Aires’

In the life of a band, especially one who’ve been going for the best part of twenty years, the ‘live’ album is usually seen as a chance to pause and take stock. Nightwish have been on quite a run of success in recent years and, after the success of Imaginaerum in 2012 and then 2015’s sumptuous release, Endless Forms Most ...

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MORTIIS Evokes The Soul Of A Classic With Spirit of Rebellion

The renowned and hugely skilled dungeon synth pioneer and industrial/darkwave composer that is Mortiis (ex-Emperor) kicks the new year off in style with the gloomy and superbly written Spirit of Rebellion. Spirit of Rebellion is essentially a re-imagining or a brand new interpretation of Mortiis’ classic Ånden Som Gjorde Oppør LP. What immediately stands out upon listening to it the ...

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Lykantropi — Black Old Stone, Re-Release

The Swedish, vintage-sounding band LYKANTROPI from Värmland in the Scandinavian Mountains, create cinematic, multi-layered pop songs that come with evocative flutes, beautiful harmonies and psychedelic guitars that tend to lead the listener into spacey, yet melancholic, dimensions. Their most recent album “Spirituosa” was released in May 2019. But now their label is re-releasing the 2017 “Black Old Stone” album (via ...

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Malone Sibun – Come Together

Imagine that when the original The Jeff Beck Group imploded Rod and Ronnie didn’t team up with The Small Faces but the main man himself along with Rod’s replacement Bobby Tench did instead. This version of The Faces would keep the blues rock/psychedelic-proto hard rock and soul from the original JBG while the melodies and good time singalong hearts-on-their-sleeves soul ...

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Hannah Wicklund & The Steppin’ Stones

Performing live since she was a kid the now 22-year old Hannah Wicklund made her UK debut live this year on Planet Rock’s Roadstar’s tour, releasing this her third album in the process. A rich vein of psychedelic blues rock of the American vein runs through her work, but while the summer sounds of the 60s and 70s has left ...

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Samantha Fish – Kill Or Be Kind

Will the real Samantha Fish please stand up? On previous recording we’ve had country rock, Mississippi blues, songs that rock out and lingering love ballads.Live she can be a tour de force (Ignore those i-Phone Youtube videos, they don’t do her justice), she’s got a voice that can roar like a female version of a young Robert Plant to something ...

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The Allman Betts Band – Down To The River

The sons of the south drink deep from their roots but sail gently on beyond them in what constitutes a full-length studio recording of Devon Allman, Duane Betts, and Berry Oakley, aided and abetted in their deeds by those worked alongside their parents. Distinguishing what each of the two main members, bring to the table is easy in terms of ...

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Bellevue Days

Bellevue Days Crosses Into the Caverns of the Mind in Debut, It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever

It is of little secrecy that we exist in a world that perpetuates a cultural script of shedding vulnerability as we age. “Stoic” and “mature” have become synonymous, subsequently generating a behavioral connotation that has deeply woven itself into the fabric of our society.  Historically, rock music has tended to predominantly reflected this within lyrical content with the exception of ...

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InMe return with new 2020 album Jumpstart Hope

I have fond memories of hearing InMe’s debut track ‘Underdose’, taken from their first studio album Overgrown Eden. The track resonated with me heavily, I was just a Nu-Metal obsessed teen at the time and Dave McPherson’s raspy, tortured voice and raw guitar blew my mind. They played a show in my city not long after the album released and ...

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Pröwess dispense some Blacktop Therapy

After two EPs, North Carolina rock band Pröwess are about to release a powerful 70’s centric rock album called Blacktop Therapy. (Note the umlaut, which I guess, is for effect a la BOC rather than a pronunciation guide as, in German it would mean the ‘o’ is pronounced ‘ay’ which makes sense for Mayterhead!) They call their approach ‘high energy classic rock’ ...

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