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Quantum Pig

Quantum Pig – Songs Of Industry And Sunshine         

Quantum Pig describe themselves as being simultaneously a “prog band but not a prog band”.  It means, whilst their music is rooted in prog, they don’t allow themselves to be hemmed in by boundaries or genres. They happily draw their influences from right across the music spectrum, and this is clearly evident in their sparkling debut album Songs of Industry ...

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Steve Hackett

Steve Hackett – At The Edge Of Light

Steve Hackett is a stellar guitarist and a hugely significant and influential figure in prog-rock. From his time with Genesis between 1971-77, when they were at their most creative, and from his career as a solo artist, he’s always been unafraid to mix things up and, on his new album, At The Edge of Light, his 26th studio album, he’s ...

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State of Ember

State of Ember smoulder on Broken Horizons

Redditch based trio State of Ember say that their music is an amalgam of metal, punk and prog rock… well having listened to their second EP Broken Horizons I can see what they mean to a certain extent. There is a definite metal, rock with a punk sensibility behind it all but the prog is a little harder to discern. Chris Tamburro ...

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Not Ur Girlfrenz

NOT UR GIRLFRENZ — New Kids in America (Debut EP)

Jaret Reddick of Bowling for Soup is the mentor for the teenage Texas rock band, NOT UR GIRLFRENZ. They are one of the youngest bands on the planet, one of the youngest bands you’ve ever willingly listened to, and one of the youngest bands ever to go on a Vans Warped Tour. They recently visited the UK on the Bowling ...

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Magnum – Live at the Symphony Hall

British stalwarts Magnum have thrilled and enchanted their audiences for decades now by means of majestic, melodic, and wonderfully evocative hard rock, and this latest live offering of theirs simply titled Live at the Symphony Hall was captured in all its raw glory in Birmingham at the end of the band’s Road to Eternity touring spell in 2018. Boasting a ...

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Craneium fashions a compelling musical epic on The Narrow Line

Craneium’s latest album, The Narrow Line, bares several similarities to an ancient Grecian epic; both works contain the hallmarks of a fantastical journey. For one, they surprise: shifts in tone, dynamic, and elemental feeling take the ear and the mind’s eye alike on something of a grandiose adventure that entails diversions and sharp turns that are unexpected yet thrilling. In ...

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Review: Soilwork – Verkligheten

There’s really no better feeling when you walk away from an album only to go rushing back to it. So, for an album that’s inherently nihilistically melancholy at its core as Soilwork’s Verkligheten to pull this off says quite a bit. Not that you’d expect anything less from one of the leading melodic death metal bands Sweden has to offer, but ...

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Alcatrazz have Parole Denied again

Not content with his resurgence with the Graham Bonnet Band, Bonnet has put most of his original post Rainbow band together to repay the Japanese faithful with a few gigs and play the songs that brought them success in that rock and metal mad country. Well, when I say most, it is a mix of his current and past as ...

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Unholy Infestation by Plague Years

Plague Years amplify the darkness while illuminating heavy nuances on Unholy Infestation

Plague Years’ latest album, Unholy Infestation, hits the ear like a sharp ax swiftly cutting through a thick pile of wood; its force totes the power to alter the state of matter, fracturing all that exists with its inimitable faculty. This is because each individual musical component exudes a raw sense of authority; if isolated, they would sound compelling as ...

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Tygers of pan tang

TYGERS OF PAN TANG – Hellbound Spellbound ’81 (Live Album)

Tygers of Pan Tang are a heavy rock band emanating from the North East. They formed in 1978 and came to public prominence during the early years of the awkwardly named New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) alongside bands like Saxon, Leppard and Maiden. But, whereas all these other bands all went on to achieve widespread public recognition and ...

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