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Soen - Lykaia

Review: Soen – Lykaia

We’ve hit a point in the world of rock and metal where brilliant guitarists fill every corner. The rise and fall of djent has left us with an abundance of uniquely gifted players, and technical metal is going through a bit of a heydey. If you are a guitar nerd, there is more than enough people making incredible noises out ...

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Energy - Apparition Sound

Review: Energy – Apparition Sound

Despite having formed over ten years ago, Energy remain an unknown quantity to UK audiences. 2017 could be the year that changes. Having bagged a spot on Creeper’s upcoming album tour – due to said band’s respect for them – they now present us with Apparition Sounds and will be hoping that UK audiences take their goth-punk sound to heart. Well, ...

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Burn Damage - Age of Vultures

Review: Burn Damage – Age of Vultures

The anticipation just bubbles under the skin and waits to unleash its fury on the unsuspecting at the beginning of this album. I am almost scared to turn the volume up and with good reason as this booming grating vocal ploughs harshly from the speakers along with a mesmerising drum beat. The melodic swing is highly addictive, and can definitely be ...

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Review: Sepulchral – Back from the Dead

Great Dane Records are back with more brutality in the form of Old School Death Metallers Sepulchral who have resurrected a few tracks from the noughties and thrust them into daylight so their eyes burn. The vocals are so low-toned, it is like being in Hell and listening to Satan give a sermon. ‘Internal Decomposition’ is madness brewing a concoction of ...

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Exocrine - Ascension

Review: Exocrine – Ascension

Revealed in chapters this amazing band Exocrine know how to exert themselves and please the fans of death metal with expanding lungs of steel that produce cast iron growls so low in fact they are off the scale, while the music whistles past the ears in a cascade of temporal extreme madness, it is so deathly evil that one is ...

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Vagabond Specter – Mirrors

Reviews: Vagabond Specter – Mirrors

Well when I first pressed play on the new Vagabond Specter album Mirrors I must admit, it’s not the kind of thing I’d usually listen to. But I’m glad I did! It’s got a unique blend of indie /pop fusion and feels really fanciful. The album whisks your mind off to another dimension with its use of synths, soft vocals ...

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Face The Chronos - Advent

Review: Face The Chronos – Advent

Face The Chronos, the Russian progressive metalcore band from Moscow, have released their debut album Advent. Let’s delve into this review. For a debut album, this is bloody impressive. This feels like an eloquently planned and constructed album, not one that has been rushed together so they have some ‘merch’ to sell at their next pub gig. You get the ...

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5Rand - SacredScared

Reviews: 5Rand – Sacred/Scared

Straight away the intensity is there simmering, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting victim as the climax is brought closer, it is so close now I am forgetting to breathe…‘Erase’ is powerfully consuming but absorbing at the same time. Making a huge impact on the cerebral cortex as female voice Julia really belts out some spine tingling notes along with ...

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Altar of Betelgeuze - Among the Ruins

Review: Altar of Betelgeuze – Among the Ruins

Now this fuzz orientated riff is what stoner metal is about – it shows a hearty pull of sonic cosmic infectiousness, that pleasures the ears. The vocals are unusual due to their grazing whispered effect along with a demonic devilish growl that smells of death metal – but no complaints here what so ever!  ‘Sledge of Stones’ allows the bass ...

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Beyond the Black - Lost in Forever

Reviews: Beyond the Black – Lost in Forever

Stirring and ambient this begins with ‘Lost in Forever’, its ravishing melodies and up-tempo lilting vocal encounters. The beat is electric and the riffs are fired up and addictive. This music chooses its listener, homing in on the ears and drawing them into a magic spell. It is absolutely monstrously addictive and compelling, with excellent use of echo it’s a track ...

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