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Listener - being empty: being filled

Listener carve a niche for themselves that has rarely been attempted before.

Listener, the moniker of Dan Smith that has since evolved into a full band, have used 8 albums over 15 years to carve a niche for themselves in a way that has rarely been attempted before. The combination of spoken word, hip-hop, indie and rock may, on paper, sound like an unusual and incompatible mix, yet through Listener they become ...

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Freedom Hawk – Freedom Hawk

With a sound that may at first come a cross as possibly dated, it is actually anything but. Well in some sense of the term at least, originally released back in 2009, Freedom Hawk nail a sound firmly pivoting between classic rock and stoner rock. Like the best stoner bands, they hold that torch for those original bands that started ...

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Walking Papers – WP2

Calling Seattle home, the men behind Walking Papers are no stranger to the rock and roll scene, returning with their second release ‘WP2’, they are set to make a statement that they are more than just the sum of their parts. With Jeff Angell and Benjamin Anderson both of The Missionary Position taking on guitars and keyboards respectively, Barrett Martin ...

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Review: (D)juret – Sök Din Sekt

Surprisingly little information could be found online about Swedish punk outfit (D)juret (Lit. Trans. The Animal), and so gathering anything that may help add context to new release Sök Din Sekt (Lit. Search Your Sect), or the band in general, was difficult. Sök Din Sekt is a three-track EP, which attempts to cross an entire spectrum of genres, but instead falls so ...

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Dan Patlansky – Perfection Kills

The pursuit of perfection can be dangerous. Not only can it stiffle creativity it can eradicate the natural beauty that’s already there in favour of a pre-fabricated reality. A sign for our times, the fashion of our modern disposability clique where we reinvent our values to suit our mood.  Dan Patlansky claims the concept behind his brand new album, Perfection ...

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DEFECTO seamlessly blend beautiful melodic parts with the more aggressive elements

Fast-paced, hard-hitting, anthemic and in some ways, slightly haunting are all ways to describe Defecto’s new album, Nemesis Prime Collective. The Danish four-piece (a remarkable fact given the absolute wall of noise this album gives off) have produced something rather incredible here. As someone who is unfamiliar with this band, it was really a surprise at not only how quickly ...

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Review: Cardiant – Mirrors

Finnish power-metal outfit Cardiant, released their new album Mirrors last month, and well, for a band with almost 20 years experience, I would have expected a lot better. The simple fact is, and with no malice intended, this album is just boring, mundane, completely unmemorable, the positives can be measured in seconds as opposed to minutes, with only the faintest ...

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Samantha Fish – Belle of The West

Samantha Fish flew into the UK at the tail end of last year and played some blistering blues rock with a terrific live band. She also found time to slot in a few songs from what is her brand new album, Belle Of The West. It couldn’t be more different, country and Cajun blues, a little bluegrass, acoustics and mandolins, ...

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Black Label Society grimmest hits

Black Label Society’s Grimmest Hits – A festival of riffing!

Grimmest Hits, the latest album from Zakk Wylde’s outfit Black Label Society is, surprise, surprise, a festival of riffing. What it’s not as the title may suggest – is a compilation; it is a brand new studio album. Known for his work with Ozzy Osbourne, Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt (Zakk to most of us) has kept the guitar flag flying and ...

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Steve Hackett: Wuthering Nights – Live In Birmingham

Steve Hackett has performed at Birmingham Symphony Hall a fair few times now. From my experience, he always makes a point of saying how much he enjoys performing at the place. Not surprising since it was specifically designed acoustically to suit orchestras, rock bands and solo performers alike and gives both them and audiences a clarity of sound rarely found ...

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