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Brother Firetribe - Sunbound

Review: Brother Firetribe – Sunbound

This sounds absolutely epic, and I am not being cheesy when I use the term epic because it is. ‘Sunbound’ is a gigantic track despite being just over a minute long, but if this track is anything to go by then the album will be phenomenal. ‘Help is on The Way’ doesn’t disappoint as its large rhythmical hooks take hold and allow you ...

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NervoChaos - Nyctophilia

Review: NervoChaos – Nyctophilia

If there is anything more extreme than this it must be found in the bowels of hell amid flames hotter than a cemetery incinerator! It is meant to be to the extreme end of the scale and the band haven’t skimped on anything. It sounds just as nasty as it looks, being a connoisseur of extreme metal I know what ...

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Resist the Ocean - Heart of the Oak

Review: Resist the Ocean – Heart of the Oak

Metalcore, the energy of which there is nothing alike. Especially when played live, as you feel it pump ferocious emotion right to the soul and turns you into a raving monster as you listen to their plentiful rhythmic slurry. It is just so energising, so it is with great pleasure I get to review another metalcore album. ‘Oceanlung’ is high ...

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Review: Spitefuel – Second to None

Opening track ‘On Burning Wings’ can be likened to a sequel to a very gripping movie that you don’t want to miss a moment of. The intensity builds bravely and boldly and engages as it reaches its powerful limits with some very influential soundscapes. Next track ‘Purified‘ shows the nitty gritty side of the band’s nature and comes in all guns ...

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Terminal Nation Absolute Control

Review: Terminal Nation – Absolute Control

From the beginning, I have felt the buzz from ‘Assembly Line’s’ horrific and toxic vibes that just want to latch on to you like some sort of parasite. It has a gnarly exterior and makes its intentions very clear that it is out to cause chaos and is rife with a malevolent bite. ‘Numb to the Pain’ is a harsh and brooding ...

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daRKRam - Stone and Death

Review: daRKRam – Stone and Death

One person, multi-instrumentalist projects can be tricky. When done right, you can get something as sublime and lifechanging as Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral, but more often than not, they can go wrong and become self-indulgent, incoherent messes. There is no pleasure in saying that the debut album by Ramon Maro under the moniker daRKRam, falls into the latter ...

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The Crawling Anatomy of Loss

Review: The Crawling – Anatomy of Loss

There’s some great titles on this album and one is ‘An Immaculate Deception’ that possesses some tough and twisting rhythms with a deep dark grunting vocal that you can feel in your gut as it rips your intestines out! Moving on to the next track ‘Poison Orange’ I can almost hear the band laughing when they thought up this track title, but also ...

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Blacktop Mojo - Burn The Ships

Review: Blacktop Mojo – Burn the Ships

Blacktop Mojo, if you haven’t heard of them yet, you soon will. These Texan rockers are on the way up, and in big ways. Burn The Ships is their upcoming release, a southern rock goliath of an album. These guys take the sound of the heavier side of the south but not without the flair and tinge that can alienate ...

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Of the Sun

Review: Of the Sun – Before a Human Path

It seems slightly oxymoronic to say that technically proficient music can get boring at times. When you get a room full of musicians who are undisputed virtuosos, the push and pull between members can end up leaving an album as a fight for space between who can show off their skills the most, and it can end up bloated and ...

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Wolfpakk - Wolves reign

Review: Wolfpakk – Wolves reign

Is it me or is music getting better by the minute? ‘Falling’ is an amazing track that just transports me back to the good old days of bands like Europe and Bon Jovi, although this is a lot more fired up, but it holds that same familiar sound with fantastic harmonies. ‘Run All Night’ literally runs away with itself in ...

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