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Norwegian melodic rock queen Issa releases Run With The Pack

Norwegian melodic rock doyenne Issa Oversveen, to give her full name, is back with her fifth studio album Run With The Pack. On this new release, Issa is joined by the ever-productive Alessandro Del Vecchio along with Simone Mularoni of Italian prog band DGM on guitar with bass, and drums provided by Andrea ToWer Torricini (Vision Divine) and Marco Di ...

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Doomsday Outlaw Hard Times

Doomsday Outlaw release hard rock blues-tinged album Hard Times

Doomsday Outlaw is a 5-piece hard rock, blues-tinged band based in Derbyshire. Members Steve Broughton (guitar), Indy Chanda (bass), Gavin Mills (guitar), Phil Poole (vocals) and John Willis (drums), are set to release a new album called Hard Times. This is their third album and the first on a major label and they keep on getting better. The first two showed ...

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SheZoo’s Agony of Doubt

The multi-national band Shezoo consisting of Natacha Starke (Vocals), Micha Jennissen (Guitar), Ralf Luz (Bass) and Jerry Getler (Drums) are Dutch, German, Swiss and Swiss. They’ve been together in this form since 2014 and state their influences as Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, Queensryche, Dio, Kingdom Come and 80’s metal. Agony of Doubt, is their latest release and features 10 tracks of ...

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Altamadum’s A Monument to Time

A Monument to Time is the 3rd full-length CD by Altamadum and features 12 tracks, varying from heavy rock pieces to slower not quite ballads. Band members Brendan Byers (Drums/Percussions), James Cole (Bass Guitar), Sam Mucha (Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar) and Cam Thomas (Lead Guitar) hail from Thunder Bay (that’s in Canada) and have been together since 2007. Listening to these ...

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Wildnite release their classic 80s-style glam rock self-titled debut

There is something awfully charming about the hard-hitting Norwegian sleaze rockers collectively known as Wildnite. The fact that they are so young and yet manage to pull off classic 80s-style glam rock in such a convincing and cool manner is pretty mind-blowing. These dudes were not even born back then, but somehow their music makes you believe that they were. ...

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Inner Circle Avenue

Greetings From The Inner Circle

Inner Circle Avenue are a 4-piece from Michigan and are comprised of three siblings (two brothers and one sister), with a friend brought in to complete the band, they are: Logan Alexander (vocals/guitar), Eric Alexander (bass), Allison Alexander (drums), Stephen Fabec (backing vocals/keyboard/guitar). They have released a 6-song EP entitled Greetings From The Inner Circle and have one music video from the ...

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Boss Keloid

Boss Keloid blend the very best of doom, stoner, prog, and psych into a maelstrom of sounds

Boss Keloid have slowly been infiltrating the higher echelons of UK sludge metal ever since their debut The Calming Influence Of Teeth in 2013. Following a highly praised second album, Herb Your Enthusiasm under their belt, the band moved to Holy Roar Records, now a byword for quality within the UK metal scene, and now we arrive at their third ...

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Stryper’s God Damn Evil Album!

That Stryper were promoted as a Christian rock band I’d always assumed they’d sound like a poodle rock version of 70s Casablanca act Angel without Guiffera’s keyboards. Maybe they were, I’ve still not dipped into their back catalogue, but being signed to Frontiers – the home of many US melodic rock bands who made a mint during the 80s and ...

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Joe Satriani – What Happens Next

This is how it happens. You walk casually across the room, forgetting for a moment where you’ve been and what you’ve done. Then a barrage of sound hits you square in the back of the head. You turn wandering what on earth this assault on your ear drums is; looking at speakers bellowing away your memory lapse fades as you ...

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Boomstik's Rocked and Loaded

Boomstik’s Rocked and Loaded

Hailing from Kentucky (a town called Glasgow), Boomstik came together in 2014 with Ken Massey on lead vocals, Wade England on guitar, Jason Thurman on drums, and Kevin Pope on bass. The album also has a few guests featured: Shane Williams on guitar, Lindsey Lawhon and Sandra Dye on vocals. They come across as a classic rock/melodic grunge hybrid with ...

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