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Heart of a Coward - Deliverance

Review: Heart of a Coward – Deliverance

Every musical movement can be stripped down to three phases. The excitement, when a band with a new idea appears and takes the world by storm. The bloating, when seemingly every band takes that sound and runs into the ground.  And finally, the survivors.  Those that evolve until they are only loosely linked to the initial movement and are just ...

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This is Shark Country - Chances

Review: This is Shark Country – Chances

Born in 2011, the irrepressible five-some are 100% committed to the execution and construction of their craft. Through extensive gigging and intense rehearsing, This Is Shark Country have supremely tuned their live show, which has seen them hit venues from Leeds to the Isle of Wight, and everywhere in between, sharing stages with ‘68 (ex Norma Jean), Nexilva, Palm Reader, ...

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Dearist - This House has no Windows

Review: Dearist – This House has no Windows

No nonsense rock band from good old Brum who offer some volatile riffs and at the same time bring a lingering sliver of impressive rhythms with spot on harmonies that are ever so addictive, in an alternative way. I am not usually one to go for alternative rock, unless it holds something for my ears to feast on but ‘Dearist’ ...

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Released October 2015

Review: Fractal Generator – Apotheosynthesis

There is one thing I love about this band and I haven’t even heard them yet! And that is their ingenuity for using the Binary system to create a biography and numbers to name band members! I haven’t had the time to translate the Binary (as yet) but I wouldn’t mind better it says “Highly recommended”. Now let’s get down ...

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Visual art by Martin Lang, layout by Francesco Gemelli.

Review: Todesstoss – Hirngemeer

Founded in 2000. Todesstoss translated into English means Deathblow. Ever wondered just what you walked into? Ever questioned what your eyes see and your ears hear? Well you will when you cast your eyes and ears over this 3 track album from Todesstoss. On closer inspection the three tracks make up an album by their 74.54 running time. The title ...

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Motörhead - Black Magic

Review: Motörhead – Black Magic

I have always thought that Motörhead should be their own sub-genre of rock music. A friend asked me recently, “How is the new album?” The only response I was able to give was, “It sounds like Motörhead”. The bands unique sound that has been there since day one, is still there with album 22, ‘Black Magic’. People say that if you ...

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Absolva - Never A Good Day to Die

Review: Absolva – Never A Good Day to Die

Manchester heavy rock band Absolva feature the twin-lead guitars of Luke Appleton (the bass guitarist with Iced Earth) and brother Chris Appleton (who has been the guitarist for Blaze Bayley.) They started out as Fury UK. Now, with Martin Mcnee on drums and Karl Schramm on bass, the talented kin are about to release their superb new LP ‘Never A ...

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Ephyra - Along the Path

Review: Ephyra – Along the Path

Ephyra were born in Como in the year 2005 by an idea of two guitar players, Matteo and Carlo. The band knows a period of stability during 2006 as a death metal cover band, starting to play on stage in some local live pubs. In 2009 after a long downtime and several line-up changes, Ephyra started to write their own ...

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Metal Allegiance - Metal Allegiance

Review: Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance

There are many super-groups, concept albums and one off projects out there, ones that spring to mind are ‘Annihilator – Metal’ and of course, the ‘Roadrunner United’ album. All have their own charm and unique feel through each song with guest musicians. This though, is a project that is pure and simply a cut above the rest, if metal was ...

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P.O.D. - The Awakening

Review: P.O.D. – The Awakening

Of all the surviving bands of the ‘nu metal’ era between 1998 and 2002, P.O.D. are the most unlikely ones. Starting as a Christian-rap group to slowly introducing elements of metal, punk, and reggae. Rising to fame with their hit ‘Alive’ and follow-up ‘Sleeping Awake’, P.O.D. were seen as a breathe of fresh air compared to their contemporaries Limp Bizkit ...

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