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Review: Bait – Sunburst

Bait – formed in September 2013 in the Würzburg area of Germany. SUNBURST will be released on limited edition 12″ vinyl soon. Kicking off this trailblazer EP is a harsh track called ‘Nihil’. It certainly doesn’t beat around the bush, it’s blackened to the core!  The track gets stuck into its paces, relinquishing a parasitic scourge on the ear drums, taking ...

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Illdisposed - Grey Sky over Black Town

Review: Illdisposed – Grey Sky over Black Town

Illdisposed have been in the making since 1991 and it shows in their thunderous presence as these Danish Vikings have proved their longevity for making brutal music with flirtatious connotations. It has the bands indelible mark stamped all over it, and clear to see how they have stood the test of time. Their irresistible flavour of metal is forthright and ...

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Review: Massive – Destination Somewhere

MASSIVE are the giants of Melbourne based Australian rock. Having burst onto the scene in 2012 — within just six months the band were already playing a showcase in Los Angeles. Back home in Oz their reputation for being rock’s hardest road-warriors was cemented by their increasingly loaded and astonishingly frenzied stage performances. Over the years they have continued to ...

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Khanus - Rites of Fire

Review: Khanus – Rites of Fire

Exploring the boundaries of matter, spirit, consciousness and the universe with the metal of death as the instrument – since 2015! From the looks of this there is a lot of deep thinking going on. Khanus like some bands just want to go all out to explore, create and take up new challenges without digressing totally from the goal in ...

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End of Salvation - Monolith of Leviathan

Review: End of Salvation – Monolith of Leviathan

From the off you know something ominous is about to happen and it isn’t long before it does… The anticipation breeds fear into your soul and shakes your very foundation! The gruelling vocal edge gargles its utterings and then you are truly hooked. It may only be a short introduction but it means business and piques the interest nicely, if ...

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Review: Tigertailz – Blast!

Ever since their 1990 album titled “Bezerk” the Glam-tastik Welsh band TIGERTAILZ have deteriorated faster than a loaf of crusty French bread eaten in a warm bath. It is not just that the kids these days are not into gaudy glitter any longer… No, it’s also because glam music is all about style ‘n’ pose over substance. And that kinda ...

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The Enid – Dust

Review: The Enid – Dust

Progressive rock was ever the musical playground for both genius and lunatic, and frequently both cohabiting at the same time. The Enid have often veered towards both extremes, never succeeding in reaching its dizziest of heights but, in their most recent ventures, increasingly finding a large, receptive audience for their compositions.  With their latest album, Dust, they bring to a ...

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Ben Poole – Time Has Come

Review: Ben Poole – Time Has Come

‘Square-jawed but vulnerable’, implies the cover photo for Ben Poole’s new studio album Time Has Come. Well that’ll pull a much more attractive audience than the sweaty-faced, pot-bellied codgers usually trying to look cool at most blues-rock gigs. ‘Lying To Me’ is a hard chorded strut with some twinkly lead, a fat organ entering the sound warmly as it will throughout the ...

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Stevie Nimmo – Sky Won’t Fall

Review: Stevie Nimmo – Sky Won’t Fall

A wave of feedback gives way to a strident mid-paced Bad Company-styled statement of intent, then, as you listen a little deeper, you’ll find there’s less machismo present in this deep, resonating voice as it proclaims a love that’s determined to be true on opening track ‘Chains Of Hope’. The steady chugging rock ’n’ blues ride of ‘Roll The Dice ...

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sixx am prayers for the damned

Review: Sixx AM ‘Prayers For The Damned. Vol.1’

The three rock ‘n roll musketeers, Nikki Sixx (bass), Dj Ashba (guitar), James Michael (lead vocals) known as Sixx AM, have released the first single, ‘Rise’. It’s from the first volume of their new album Prayers For The Damned, which comes out on the 29th of April via Eleven Seven Music. With Nikki having time away from the Motley Crue ...

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