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Review: Samsara – Bloodlines

The heavy pounding madness penetrates through the very core of the album in this fantastic track entitled ‘This means War’ not far behind is an amazing melody that adds a certain depth and with a strenuous vocal making for a magnetic sound. ‘Pyro’ is a venomous, ferocious track containing harsh and clean vocal edginess and is compelling. ‘100-Proof’ embeds itself ...

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Review: Cult Of Luna – Mariner

Swedish sludge metal band, Cult Of Luna, released their eighth studio album earlier this year, titled Mariner. This five track studio album incorporates the vocal styling’s of Julie Christmas, a woman who has fronted such bands as Made Out Of Babies and Battle Of Mice, bringing her own unique sound to the Cult Of Luna production and I can tell ...

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Asteroid - III

Review: Asteroid – III

Well this is very interesting, the beat takes you on a very clever journey with a psychedelic ticket to ride. The impressive riffs are more than pleasing to the ears and versatile with superb vocal slant added to the proceedings showing great harmonies and rhythmic prowess, plus uncompromising emotions that seduce and capture the tempestuous groove. Such a great track ...

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Review: Sentient Horror – Ungodly Forms

Sentient Horror is a death metal band from New Jersey formed in 2014 by guitarist/vocalist Matt Moliti (ex-Dark Empire). The vision behind Sentience is to play classic early 90’s style SweDeath with a strong emphasis on great song writing and musicianship! The album cover is as stunning as the slabs of metal contained inside it! The prowling and intense opening ...

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Review: Fair Warning – Pimp Your Past

Let’s all skip back to the 80’s when AOR was in its infancy and get into the groove. Fair Warning are masters but after 25 years on the road it’s good catching up with the past, as it brings back happy memories of a bygone era. The tracks have that heavy groove embedded in them although they are melodic and ...

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Review: Junior Bruce – Endless Descent

Founded August 2007 Junior Bruce are soon to release their newest ten track album Endless Descent – not long to wait! I love the album cover it is just colourful and just as striking as the tracks on the album. First track ‘Lapis Philosophorum‘ simply bounces with sheer vibrancy and does its self- justice of the highest degree. ‘Lion’s Teeth’ again cuts its ...

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Review: Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open

Looking like a young Ben Affleck cradling his guitar as it were a baby on publicity shots, you can see why Aynsley Lister would appeal to the opposite sex. The choice of painted covers for his latest album, Eyes Wide Open widens this allure further; brushing aside vanity to intimate he’s interested in those aesthetically finer things in life with ...

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Review: Dope – Blood Money Part 1

This latest album by DOPE still has a familiar feel reaching back to their previous work. Lyrically the songs haven’t become anymore intricate but then you don’t listen to DOPE for the complexity of the lyrics, searching for hidden meanings or to ignite your intellect and that is absolutely acceptable. You know exactly what you’re getting with this band; a ...

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Review: NOFX – First Ditch Effort

The last ten years have seen a generation of punk bands feel the need to grow up. Green Day went political while Blink-182 started talking about their feelings and quite frankly we could have done without both. It’s easy to speak seriously but to take a style of music that works better with a sneer of childish aggression and make ...

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Blackberry Smoke - Like an Arrow

Review: Blackberry Smoke – Like an Arrow

If you hear the word “Americana” and your face turns sour and your eyes come-over all glassy — Wait a minute. Figure this: Americana is not just comforting and middle-class, you know. Dylan is Americana. Springsteen is Americana. Where would we be without Johnny Cash? Or Willie Nelson? Those dudes live ‘n’ breath rebellion. Protest is strong in their heart, ...

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