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zeal and ardor

Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit

Zeal & Ardor’s 2017 Debut, Devil is Fine was an exercise in experimentation, fusing together soulful delta blues with furious, biting black metal to create an altogether new sound. The project – the brainchild of French composer Manuel Gagneaux – took hold in the metal world after a reissue through MVKA, and fast became one of the most exciting bands ...

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Møl Jord

MØL’s blackgaze album ‘JORD’

Did you know there is a genre of music called blackgaze? I certainly didn’t. It is the ambience of shoegaze (post-rock) combined with the brutality of black metal in what is undoubtedly the most confusing sentence I have written during my time at RAM. Clearly then, it is a very niche genre, but that hasn’t stopped Danish five-piece MØL from ...

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Poly-Math – House of Wisdom | We are the Devil

A polymath is the name given to a person who could be considered as having expert knowledge across a range of topics. da Vinci, for example, was a polymath. I am most certainly not one (unless Icelandic football and Doctor Who counts?). Poly-Math are also a Brighton based three-piece, whose latest release House of Wisdom | We are the Devil has ...

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LUMEN - Sharing An Eye

LUMEN – Sharing An Eye

The Augusta, Georgia, four piece LUMEN‘s (not to be confused with the Russian band of the same name) latest release Sharing An Eye really states its intentions from the opening moments of ‘Moon Reader’. Such a display of exemplary brutality cannot fail to go unnoticed, and while it is one thing to start that way, LUMEN use it as a benchmark, ...

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Spock’s Beard have always been about moving forward and attempting to do something different

Spock’s Beard are an American progressive/symphonic rock band who, in many ways symbolise the ethos of what Prog rock is all about. The ethos of Spock’s Beard has always been about moving forward and attempting to do something different. That they can still do this despite the loss of the stellar talented prog legend Neil Morse says something about the ...

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KLAUS SCHULZE .. Silhouettes

Electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze release Silhouettes

German composer Klaus Schulze is an amazingly prodigious artist and composer of electronic and ambient music. Whilst today he’s known for his usage of synthesizers and Moogs, he began his musical career as a drummer and played on Electronic Meditation, the first album by German purveyors of electronic music, Tangerine Dream. His leaving reduced the Dream to a three piece ...

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Odd Palace – Things to place on the moon

Danish proggers Odd Palace release Things to place on the moon

Danish band Odd Palace are building up quite a name for themselves within the modern prog community, with one well received EP under their belt and a good number of festival performances since its release. Now they are here with debut album Things To Place On The Moon, looking to raise their stature within the scene. Odd Palace are unashamedly ...

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Fargo - Constellation

Fargo – Constellation

Thirty odd years ago Fargo, led by bassist Peter Knorn made significant ripples in 80s rock scene and then seemingly faded away – Knorn went on to manage some luminaries in rock including Glenn Hughes apparently. Fast-forward to the present day and Fargo are reborn, still with Knorn at the helm, along with Arndt Schulz (Guitars), Nikolas Fritz (Drums) and ...

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James Christian - Craving

James Christian’s Craving

Away from his day job, House of Lords singer James Christian has built a reputation as a fine solo artist, having released 3 albums prior to this one. The first was back in 1994 and the third in 2013. His latest, Craving, includes co-writes and guest appearances from such luminaries of the Melodic Rock world as Tommy Denander, Chris Pelcer, ...

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blanket ‘How To Let Go’ is out now via Music For Nations

Labelling themselves as a cinematic rock band, Blackpool’s blanket (always a lower case ‘b’ apparently) release their debut, full-length album entitled How To Let Go. They’ve been together since 2016 and have a previous EP to their name but, now signed to a major record label (Music For Nations) they should gain more exposure. The band is Bobby Pook guitar/keys/vocalist, ...

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