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Nekrogoblikon ‘Power’

If you have heard of Nekrogoblikon, chances are it is because of the absolutely fantastic video for ‘No One Survives’, which went viral upon its release last year. Its virality was completely deserved; slick, sleek and funny, the video chronicles the tale of a down on his luck goblin who snaps under the pressure of urban living. Consequentially, interest in ...

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robin beck

Robin Beck ‘Underneath’

In 1988 ears pricked up in living rooms across the Western Hemisphere as Robin Beck’s voice erupted with a sexual passion not usually associated when families are sitting down to eat their evening meal. The song was First Time and it was being used in an advert by Coca-cola, it succeeded big time where Pepsi failed by having Michael Jackson ...

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Houston ‘II’

Swedish AOR act Houston debuted to general acclaim as a duo featuring Hank Erix on vocals and Freddie Allen drums back in 2010. Producer and keyboard player Rick Delin has now officially joined their number for their aptly named follow-up released on Livewire/Cargo Records and additional personnel have been pulled in to play additional keyboards, guitars and bass, and practically ...

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sinister realm

Sinister Realm ‘World of Evil’

Sinister Realm was formed in the summer of 2008 by former Pale Divine band- mates John Gaffney and Darin McCloskey.  With a desire to capture the feel and spirit of some of their early musical influences they set out to create music that would harken back to the classic sounds of early Ozzy and Dio fronted Black Sabbath.  As things ...

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Sawthis ‘Youniverse’

Formed in 1997, after 16 years, in June 2009 Sothis formerly Anestesia have been forced to change their name yet again to Sawthis because an American Black Metal band has now obtained exclusive rights to the name. The guitarist Andrea Giordano has now left Sawthis due to musical differences and has been replaced by Janos Murri, who has long-standing experience. ...

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CB6 ‘Succession’

CB6 started in primary school at the tender age of 11, at this time nu metal was very popular and they were listening to the likes of Metallica, Nirvana, Slipknot Mudvayne and Limp Bizkit.  They started playing youth clubs weekly in Southend when they were only 13 by this time they had listened to lots of Pantera, Faith no More ...

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bellx1 chopchop

Bell XI ‘Chop Chop’

A gentle piano refrain plays wistfully across Starlings over Brighton Pier the first single from Bell XI’s latest album Chop Chop, as in comes a rooted bass line accompanying brushed drums over which Paul Noonan’s vocals casually question the gathering of birds into a single formation and their subsequent decision to take a new direction; offering as it does a ...

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extol self titled review banner

Extol ‘Extol’

Eight years after their second most recent studio album, and to the pleasure of many loving fans, Extol are back with a brand new self titled album. This eponymous release see’s a new formation of the line up, this time with Peter Espevoll on vocals, David Husvik on drums with additional vocals, guitars and bass guitar taken care of by ...

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The Aristocrats ‘Culture Clash’

The Aristocrats, an instrumental jazz fusion/ rock power trio of high profile musicians Guthrie Govan (guitar), Bryan Beller (bass) and Marco Minnemann (drums), released their sophomore studio album ‘Culture Clash’ on July 16 via BOING! music. Their self-titled debut received a tremendous amount of accolades and it proved to be irresistibly appealing to aficionados of guitar-driven instrumentals (think Satriani, Holdsworth) ...

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The Defiled ‘Daggers’

Enriched by a multitude of metal bands, the UK has a source of listening material across a wide range, for all tastes.  However what it lacks to a degree is characters, this is where The Defiled fill the void.  The Golden God’s, Best New Band winners have made a massive impact on the metal scene, especially around their 2011 album ...

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