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Okular ‘Sexforce’ Album Review

In the band’s own words: “With members based around the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, progressive death metal act Okular is led by composer/lyricist Andreas Aubert. He writes all the music in the program Guitar Pro, without the help of a guitar. In 2009 he gathered a line-up to record debut album Probiotic, with some of the songs dating as far ...

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nine lives

The Von Hertzen Brothers ‘Nine Lives’ Album Review

A garage band guitar riff crashes out over a classic rock cow bell beat then within a single breath starts bobbing and weaving like a madcap alliance between the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Gong playing Led Zeppelin. You don’t need the vocals to tell you the name of this song is Insomniac because there are those who will find ...

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Such Gold

Such Gold ‘Misadventures’ Album Review

Listening to Such Gold is like listening to one of those bands you’ve heard on skate games when you were a kid but can never find again. The vamped up pop-punk is energetic and exciting, with the hardcore vocals blasting out. Track after track, it’s full of speedy drums, catchy riffs and great music. ‘Misadventures’ is the first full-length album ...

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cult of luna

Cult of Luna ‘Vertikal’ Album Review

Cult of Luna is a Swedish post-metal band from Umeå. They formed from the remnants of the hardcore punk band called Eclipse in 1998. Cult of Luna’s sound has progressed from material that was strongly influenced by doom metal, to a much less aggressive and more interesting orchestrated variant. Fans and critics have termed this sound ‘post-metal.’ The band is ...

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brotherhood of the lake

Brotherhood Of The Lake ‘Desperation Is The English Way Vol.2’ Album Review

Describing themselves as ‘five hopeless, misanthropic souls’, Brotherhood Of The Lake unveil yet another deep and utterly gut-wrenching album. Having previously covered dark topics such as depression, desperation and lost hope in their last album, the band had set out to create a soundtrack to the social decline surrounding us in the most gritty, angry and metal way possible. So, ...

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attica rage 88mphs

Attica Rage ’88mph’ Album Review

ATTICA RAGE was formed by Ayrshire brothers, singer/guitarist Jonny Parr and drummer Richie Rage in Glasgow, Scotland in 2003. Coatbridge guitarist Stephen Bell joined in 2007 and the line-up is completed by bassist Colin Wilson from Bellshill, who joined in January 2012. Where ‘Road Dog’ – the last album – was all sump-oil and cartilage, new album ‘88 MPH’ is ...

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bad religeo

Bad Religion ‘True North’ Album Review

The never ageing groundbreaking lot from Los Angeles return with wait for it… their sixteenth album. After 2010’s patchy ‘Dissent Of Man’ it did seem Bad Religion had run out of steam, would ‘True North’ be a welcome return to form? Perhaps even return them to the outskirts of commercial success like ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ did way back in 1994, ...

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Thenewno2 ‘Beautiful Creatures’ Album Review

Warner Brothers have a lot riding on ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ the successful series of books could well be the next ‘Twilight’ and have millions of teenagers aching to see the next instalment of pensive and angst laden love. Now you would be forgiven for already deciding that the soundtrack would be full of equally angst ridden bands all riffing and spewing ...

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Wounds ‘Die Young’ Album Review

The guys over at In At The Deep End Records have been making a lot of noise about their latest signing Wounds recently and rightly so. Reports of the band attacking venues up and down the country with their own particular brand of dirty rock ‘n’ roll/punk have spread far and wide through the underground as anticipation of their debut ...

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Maycomb, Artwork - 'I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things' Press Release

Maycomb ‘I Opened Up My Heart To Caustic Things’ Album Review

Hailing from the West Midlands, melodic pop-punk four piece Maycomb have shared stages with genre heavyweights such as The Wonder Years, The Starting Line and Saves the Day. Having been around since 2009, and the band released their long-awaited debut album ‘I Opened My Heart To Caustic Things’ at the end of 2012. One of the most noticeable things about ...

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