• Horseman – Of Hope, Freedom And Future

      Kicking off like a many have for decades, those calm, clean and slowly layered builds that lead into an explosive wall of distortion soaring wi...

  • Evil Scarecrow

    HRH Hammerfest 2017: Saturday Highlights

    All good things must come to an end, and this mindset hangs heavy in the air of the final day of Hammerfest 2017. As bleak as it feels, it’s not going...

  • The Quireboys ‘Beautiful Curse’

    We love The Quireboys. The band has been working hard (in one way or another) since 1984. You know what to expect with The Quireboys. Classic rock and...

  • heavy-temple-chassit

    Review: Heavy Temple – Chassit

    Not only has this EP got a remarkable colourful cover it also possesses some really deep heavy groove to compliment it. It literally does take you to ...

  • Review: Assignment – Inside Of The Machine

    Formed by guitarist Goran Panic, Assignment have released two albums previously; Inside Of The Machine (available on Mausoleum Records) offers around ...

  • Light You Up ‘Broken Jaw’ EP Review

    ‘Broken Jaw’ is the first release with Light You Up’s new front man: Guildford’s Tom Napier. He brings a passionate new sense of substance to th...

  • Armored Saint

    HRH United Hammerfest 2017 Thursday Highlights

    Well, here we are; back for another instalment of the legendary Hard Rock Hell United Hammerfest, and if the first day is anything to go by, the quali...

  • Top 5 Tracks By Written by Wolves

    It is amazing what you come across by listening to bands on YouTube. You go to hear a track and end up clicking on another link and by doing so discov...

Laura Jane Grace

Laura Jane Grace and The Devouring Mothers cut loose on Bought To Rot

It’s not until you look at Bought To Rot the way that LAURA JANE GRACE looks at Bought To Rot that it starts to make sense. It’s a mixtape, a collection of songs influenced by the people that influence her and brought together by her and her new look band, THE DEVOURING MOTHERS (Atom Willard and Marc Jacob Hudson). It’s ...

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Creye me a river

Creye was put together by former Grand Slam guitarist Andreas Gullstrand in early 2015 with a vision of generating a sound that would take listeners back to the polished melodic rock of the 80’s. Their 2016 debut single ‘Never Too Late’, certainly promised that the AOR genre was about to have a new and powerful force. Inevitably they have been compared, ...

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City of Thieves

City of Thieves deliver Beast Reality

For a band sharing a name with a novel about the search for a dozen eggs in war torn Leningrad (strange but true), this trio certainly lob some sonic hand grenades into the current scene. They made their live debut as recently as 2015 at Camden Rocks Festival and City of Thieves have rapidly risen in the public eye and now ...

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Impellitteri has shreddies for breakfast

I guess Chris Impellitteri’s name came to many people’s attention back in 1988 with the Stand In Line album, noted for the appearance of Graham Bonnet on vocals and the covers of ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ and ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’… a clue to his influences perhaps? It also had a quote in the liner notes (on the vinyl at least) ...

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Crazy Lixx revisit Loud Minority

Crazy Lixx revisit Loud Minority

Swedish hard rock come metal band Crazy Lixx formed in 2002 by singer Danny Rexon and they have been playing their take on 80’s hard rock ever since. They released their debut album on Swedmetal, their local Swedish record label and they gained quite a reputation on the back of that. So much so that they went on to release two more ...

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Norwegian Viking metal ensemble Einherjer unleash a brand new audio assault

The Norwegian Viking metal ensemble that is Einherjer is about to unleash a brand new audio assault upon the unsuspecting masses via Indie Recordings and any fan of bombastic and face-melting music ought to pay attention to this one as it contains some of the very best material by said band to date. Actually, it seems as if Einherjer are ...

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Daughters – You Won’t Get What You Want

At the end of the day, what we as a rock/metal fans really need is a challenge. Sure, most of us profess our rebellious nature, wearing our counter culture patches firmly on our sleeves, however it’s bands like Daughters that really put that those ethics to the test. Without care for your well being or enjoyment, this could arguably be ...

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Diamond Head

Diamond Head, Burnt Out Wreck, Saints of Sin, Neuronspoiler, Alteration – Four Sticks Weekender Four Sticks Weekender

Finding our way south of the river we see our way through the hustle and bustle of the capital’s maze of streets and tube lines to New Cross. Here a fantastic live venue with that cosy pub feel is embracing a three day live music festival of which we are lucky enough to enjoy the first day of. As with ...

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The Amity Affliction

The Amity Affliction, The Plot In You, Dream State, Endless Heights – Manchester

Not too long after releasing their new album Misery The Amity Affliction return to the UK on a monster tour, bringing along three fantastic support bands The Plot In You, Dream State and Endless Heights. Opening up to a busy venue is alternative upbeat indie rock band Endless Heights, an Australian band who played in the UK earlier this year supporting Casey at ...

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Glenn Hughes

For the first time since 1976 Glenn Hughes plays all the Deep Purple’s classics and his performance is second to none

Tonight the Electric Ballroom in Camden is filled with fans of all age groups who are gathered together to watch the former Deep Purple vocalist and bass player Glenn Hughes perform a Classic Deep Purple set, hence the name of this tour. The current frontman of supergroup Black Country Communion is well known for having constantly put out first class ...

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