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Interview with Fear Factory at Metaldays 2015

Victoria Purcell caught up with Burton C. Bell (vocalist) of Fear Factory, at MetalDays Festival 2015 in Slovenia.

Fear Factory have now released their 9th studio album Genexus through Nuclear Blast Entertainment. We ask Burton the meaning behind the album tittle, he tells us “Genexus [was] a word with no definition to it… so we created our own definition to it; we came up with the concept that it’s two words spliced together – Genesis and Nexus”. He explains further saying; “Genesis meaning creation and nexus meaning the next step… as we were working through it, what we decided was, that it’s the definition for the next evolution of man. Man and machine becoming one”.

Talking of the Fear Factory style, Burton expands on the fact that Genexus has more of a groove element to it, saying “It’s something that we used to do a lot, and over the past few years we lost that trying to be heavy or fast. Some of our best albums, and our best songs come have a groove element to them, and so we want to return to that.”

During the interview Burton also tells us the story of his favourite festival memory, which involved dropping acid watching Type O Negative. The interview finishes on an explanation of the man versus the machine, and how that reflects on current day, and even the music industry itself.

Watch the full interview here:

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