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Brash, noisy, energetic and so full of promise are ways you could describe Corrupt Moral Alter’s new release Eunoia which basically means ‘beautiful thinking’ or ‘well mind’. The boys from Southport have written 13 blistering tunes that encapsulate the pure hardcore sounds of the like of Napalm Death and Narcosis whilst bringing a new wave of so called “core” style bands like Code Orange or Venom Prison who are taking the music scene of 2018 by storm.

There’s no hiding from the aggression and passion that pours out of Corrupt Moral Alter from the first play though of this album, but the more you listen the more you can hear the subtle yet extremely talented musicianship of each of the players. Be it the speed of the playing on the faster tunes to the changes in tones and structuring of some of the slower tunes.

This style of music is really turning heads of late and I feel this album will push the band to the forefront of the underground UK scene and hopefully break them out to a bigger international market as eyes turn towards more home grown acts. A couple of the stand out tracks for me on this are ‘Destroying Everything You Believe In’, ‘Born In The Caul’ and the opener ‘Human Cry’. Perfect album for getting your energy pumped for the day.

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