American Glutton – Dish Served Cold

American Glutton have just released their new EP Dish Served Cold through From the Ashes Records.

Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, American Glutton is a hard rock/ heavy metal band featuring three veteran performers: Raven Cain, a solo artist in his own right as the group’s vocalist, Tommy Harrison, guitarist for Denver rock legends Dogs of Pleasure, and Dani Harrison, who established himself on the Denver scene as part of The Trainwreckers.

American Glutton joined forces in 2016 and initially found followers from students at Jacksonville University and the University of Central Florida where Harrison is a university professor- But his lifelong love of heavy metal means he’s never stopped shredding!  The band’s reputation began to grow even though the main principle players of the band were previously most well known for playing in differing musical genres from Cain’s Southern rock fans to Harrison’s country rock.

Going into recording for their debut the trio set out to develop what has been described as a “powerful, groove based approach to metal inspired by Black Sabbath and groups from the 1980s.” American Glutton’s ranks have now been added with drummer Kirk Ferguson joining following the release of their brand new EP Dish Served Cold.


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