Kły – Szczerzenie 

Although Kły were established as far back as 1997, the band only released their first demo, Taran-Gai, only last year. Now, steaming ahead they release their first full length album in the form of Szczerzenie.

Featuring six tracks: ‘Bliże’, ‘Wypełni’, ‘Jeżeli’, ‘Pogranicze’, ‘Kłysica’ and ‘Dale’ the roots of the album are said to lie in a “melancholic Burzum-like black metal richly interwoven with different sounds.” The band themselves compared those different sounds to the music of Hypothermia, Lifelover, Austere, Grey Waters and even the early works of Ulver, Unholy, Katatonia or Anathema. Beyond their black metal musical influences Kły are also driven by nature and shamanism.

Szczerzenie was recorded at Czyściec Studio and produced and mixed by Nihil and will be released on 20th in digital and digipack CD formats via Pagan Records.

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