Tanzwut’s Sailor’s Yarn

Guitar riffs and heavy bagpipes anyone? That’s what you get with German rock band Tanzwut who release their new album Seemannsgarn on 7th June through AFM Records.

Seemannsgarn translates as “sailor’s yarn” and the album takes the listener on a journey into the world of fantasy, poets, musicians, artists and puppeteers!

There are tales of both fiction and reality in songs that tell stories about inconvenient truths, human abysms, passion and the desire for love as well as the human greed that hasn’t changed for thousands of years.

Seemannsgarn features ballads and heavy rock songs, the influence of folk and medieval music apparent, so too a little electronic.  That’s the way its been for the last twenty years for Tanzwut, a band at home not only within medieval markets but also in the European clubs and big festival stages.

Tanzwut features Teufel (Vocals), René (Guitar), Der Zwilling (Bass), Shumon Zack (Drums), Pyro and Bruder Schlaf (Bagpipes) and Alexius (Keyboard, Percussion) and will be appearing at European festivals over the summer months.



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