Yarn of the Wicked

Yarn of the Wicked is a collaboration between members of Sauron and Misanthropic Rage and with their first EP, Lore * Anne – Released through Pagan Records – not gone the expected death metal route but endeavoured to explore the intersection of 60s-70s prog rock with 70s horror films.

Inspired by and dedicated to Anne de Boissy and Lore Fournier – the two main characters of the 1971 Joël Séria film Don’t Deliver Us from Evil (original title: Mais ne nous délivrez pas du mal), with all lyrics taken from the poetry of Charles Baudelaire; tracks featured on Lore * Anne are ‘The Ghost (Le Revenant)’, ‘The Sadness Of The Moon (Tristesses de la Lune)’, ‘Echoes (Correspondances)’, ‘The Living Torch (Le Flambeau vivant)’ and ‘Man And The Sea (L’Homme et la mer)’.

Lore * Anne by Yarn of the Wicked is available on CD and in digital formats. A video to the song ‘The Sadness Of The Moon (Tristesses de la Lune)’ with footage from Don’t Deliver Us from Evil can be watched right here at RAMzine.

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