Lordi ‘To Beast or Not to Beast’

Lordi, a metal band from Helskini, Finland are an eccentric band who wear demon style costumes and scare the hell out of people with one glance. The band formed in 1992, are back with their seventh studio album ‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’. Surely there are a LOT of readers out there who remember this bizarre band, with them looking like some the devil himself spawned, as they won the Eurovision song contest in 2006!

The best type of music is loud and this album and band are just that. One of the favorite and stand out songs on ‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’, is The Riff, which is an eighties influenced track, the track showcases screaming guitars and hard hitting lyrics. Another excellent track is Schizo Doll, which has an eerie opening, but then after a little while the over the top guitars kick in and make this track a stand out one, which leaves ears ringing and hearts racing.

So out blasts the new Lordi offering, ‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’ and every second of it was superb! Take the second track on the album aptly names I Luv ugly it is packed full of guitar solos, lyrical chants and all around very loud music.

Helsinki, the Finnish capital seem to throw out some excellent exports, such as HIM and The 69 Eyes, two of the best lyrical metal bands, and after listening to this new release, Lordi will also slot in there too, with this new album To Beast Or Not To Beast. Which seems to be a clever, well thought about play on the Shakespeare statement, “To Be or Not To Be…”, possibly anyway.

Finland has metal nailed, with the genre in the mainstream and which can be heard on daytime radio no less! Therefore, this is a magnificent Gothic/ metal album for any rock fans out there, who wish to broaden their usual catalogue of music. Lordi are a tongue in cheek sort of band, with their Halloween fashion style, which is said to be done to keep their identities private, and mixed with strange creepy lyrics. However, that being said, the album is still a really good listen if you like this genre and a little bit of Goth, in your music tastes.

Lordi look weird, sound weird and pretty much is in the weird category, but sometimes a little out of the norm is good for people and giving this a listen will be great on any metal heads playlist.


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