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Wicked Witch Released by 20th Century

Continuing their quest to unleash unreleased music from hard rock bands of note across the globe, 20th Century Music have released Wicked Witch‘s Wicked Witch of Boston. Wicked Witch featured members that went on to join and form bands such as Savatage, Metal Church, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Circle II Circle. The band formed when Zak Stevens and guitarist Matt Leff ...

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Drive – IDEFI, A Tribute to Rick Chavez and David Earl Taylor

Drive were a five-piece progressive, power metal band formed on the north side of Houston, Texas by guitarist Rick Chavez. They released two albums, Characters In Time (1988) and Diablero (1992). The band’s original members were barely out of high school back in the early 80s as they began making a name for themselves. Moving out to California, and inevitably the Sunset Strip , where they signed ...

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Tarot Beyond

Berlin power metal band Tarot Beyond have had their debut album released on 20th Century Music… Twenty six years after it was first recorded! Back in 1990 Tarot Beyond were hand-picked to jump in and record at Dierks Studios when The Scorpions backed out of their then current agreement with the studio.  Accept drummer Stefan Kaufmann was set to produce ...

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