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Blodskam release La-Bas

Despite the long history of Blodskam, the Swedish back metal band have only just released their debut album. The band was formed in 1998, when black metal had already established itself as the most radical musical movement. But still, getting through the years the members of Blodskam decided to reunite a few years ago finally releasing their La-Bas. Blodskam decided ...

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The Infernal Sea

The Infernal Sea finally bring the ritual home

Having been relatively quiet for a period, local blackened plague, The Infernal Sea announced an extremely rare home town show, bringing an end to a tour with the noise bringers Abigail Williams. Seeing show after show going down well in post gig updates across social platforms from fans, excitement of our local anti-heroes grew and grew as our hazy memories ...

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Picture Ann

The Moody Suckers That Are Picture Ann Release A Free Digital Single

Danish experimentalists PICTURE ANN recently unearthed and released a digital single via Bandcamp that is free to download. Entitled Unison and incorporating quite a few layers while simultaneously sounding somewhat monotonous and hypnotic, the tune is a morose affair that ought to satisfy all you lovers of calm and mellow music with a dark and haunting vibe to it. The ...

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Zeal and Ardor

Zeal and Ardor at The Electric Ballroom – His command dominates as his intent glare stares through the centre of the crowd.

Following the release of Stranger Fruit, Zeal and Ardor have exploded from being a small, underground band, to a band that really are on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream. Their blend of gospel blues and black metal hasn’t come without its fair share of hate from elitists, but if you’re getting hate, clearly you’re doing something good. Currently ...

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Norwegian Viking metal ensemble Einherjer unleash a brand new audio assault

The Norwegian Viking metal ensemble that is Einherjer is about to unleash a brand new audio assault upon the unsuspecting masses via Indie Recordings and any fan of bombastic and face-melting music ought to pay attention to this one as it contains some of the very best material by said band to date. Actually, it seems as if Einherjer are ...

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Gorycz Debut With Piach

Gorycz have signed to Pagan Records, with whom they will release their debut album Piach. The Polish band’s name translated into English means bitterness, but there don’t appear to be any regrets on how they came together. Gorycz were formed in 2016 when ex-Aeon members Przemek Grabowski (Guitars) and Tomek Kukliński (Vocals) decided to return to the roots of their first ...

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The Mystery of Kły

Who are Kły? A trio, apparently, but no one knows for certain, or at least that’s what they claim. They are signed to Pagan Records, that’s a part of the story we can confirm. Kły were established in 1997, and yet this mysterious band only released their first demo last year, and it went by title Taran-Gai. Their first full length ...

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Furia Vinyl Releases

Nekrofolk act Furia are refreshing their discography with brand new vinyl reissues of their releases through Pagan Records. Established in Katowice, Poland in 2003, Furia have been described as the godfathers of nekrofolk, being the most popular and prolific creation of the Let the World Burn collective. They introduced elements of folk along with abstract poetic themes into the black metal scene, ...

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ATTAN are a darkened force of thick pure aggression

This is where hope comes to die and Attan is its executioner. Spawning from a place where sunlight doesn’t exist for six months of the year, Attan are a darkened force of thick pure aggression who dance with calamity. The five-piece have been building to this moment since they unleashed their rabid EP From Nothing back in 2015. Stretching out the ...

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The Pulse Of Bliss – An Interview With Vulture Industries

Compelling, experimental, and highly original, the avantgarde metal ensemble known as Vulture Industries have captivated and challenged music addicts around the globe for 15 years now. Their elusive and charmingly eccentric frontman Bjørnar E. Nilsen invited RAMzine into the band’s dark and twisted world… Musically speaking, Vulture Industries has never been a predictable entity. Was the will and determination to ...

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