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Cancer Bats

Interview with Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats at Download 2018 “Dude, this is such a party!”

Cancer Bats are on fire this year. Dropping one of 2018’s best punk albums out of nowhere back in April, The Spark That Moves caught us all off guard in the best possible way. Seems these days bands do a much better job of keeping their cards closely tucked into their chest than are given credit for. The element of surprise ...

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We Were Sharks

Canadian pop-punkers We Were Sharks release Lost Touch

We Were Shark, the Canadian six-piece pop-punkers have recently released their second album Lost Touch and more apt an album name they could not have picked, as this release, while enjoyable, does feel as though it has lost touch with the bands earlier, more hard-hitting releases, 2012’s debut LP Highways and 2015’s EP  Not A Chance. There appears to have been little ...

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Review: Dethfox – Natural Media Teleforce

Since it erupted from the lungs of angry kids on either side of the Atlantic almost 40 years ago, punk has spread out to define a large area of the musical map. As a result, describing a band’s sound as punk isn’t as useful as it once was. But on their debut EP, these Canadians point us to the very ...

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Until Dawn release new single for free

Canadian hard rockers Until Dawn have released the first single from their upcoming album for free. Their new album, titled Horizon, is set for release this August. Vocalist Adam Macleod commented on the making of the album and the new single: “We started working on Horizon two years ago, and the concept came together fast. As a touring band, we are ...

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