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Interview: Dan Nightingale and Conor Marshall of Conjurer

There’re some sounds that feel like they’ve been in slumber for thousands of years, that are only now starting to stir; biding its time until the hour of reprisal draws near as it slowly claws from the dirt. Conjurer have unearthed a monstrosity in all its gruesome glory that they’ve titled Mire. A tapestry of filth it’s nothing short of ...

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Live review: Psycroptic, Scarred, The Infernal Sea, & Conjurer

Peterborough has seen a sad time over the past five years with the closure of one of our few venues suited for rock and metal, but thanks to a few local promoters with a taste for metal, the scene is slowly stirring with life again. This gig put together by Camblast Promotions and Belligerent Promotions at The Met Lounge was ...

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