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Entropia’s Vacuum

The collective known as Entropia have been developing their acidic formula and will be bringing out Vacuum through Arachnophobia Records.  It is intended as an exploration of rhythmic repetition in combination with riffs and the overall atmosphere generated by the band. The result is seen as a mixture of completely opposite worlds in which the instrumental trance and electronics drawing directly ...

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Last Night On Earth by Celldweller

FreqGen has remixed ‘Last Night on Earth’, released last year on Offworld by Celldweller and it is available now through FiXT. Celldweller create a fusion of digital and organic textures: intricately designed soundscapes constructed from drum & bass, electro and modular synths, woven together with aggressive rock, metal and orchestral elements. For this remix FreqGen have fused a down tempo ...

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Qntal Release VIII- Nachtblume

Krautrock was the disparaging term created to describe Germany’s unique musical development from the late sixties on, wherein they incorporated space rock and early progressive elements and advanced the use of synthesisers. Since 1992, Qntal have taken that theme in another direction, merging electronic sounds with medieval melodies, and on 9th March they will be releasing their latest album VIII- Nachtblume through ...

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