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Craziest Tour Riders in Rock

Top Ten Craziest Tour Riders in Rock

While recent studies have suggested that there are a number of health benefits associated with rock music, some of the tour riders on this list are about as far away from healthy as you can imagine. From bald, toothless hookers to boa constrictors – not to mention copious amounts of alcohol – some of these tour riders have doubtless driven ...

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See the trailer for ‘The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth’

Belgian-Swedish visual artist Bjorn Tagemos has directed a movie called Gutterdämmerung, which has the tag-line ‘The Loudest Silent Movie On Earth’. The movie ironically stars a cast of iconic rock stars including: Slash, Josh Homme, Lemmy (Motorhead), Grace Jones, Iggy Pop, Tom Araya (Slayer), Volbeat, Mark Lanegan, Nina Hagen, Jesse Hughes (EoDM), and Henry Rollins (who also co-wrote the film). Watch the ...

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Foo Fighters return to UK this September

Foo Fighters have announced they will return to the UK this September. Playing dates at Milton Keynes and Edinbrugh. After the ‘nicest guy in rock’ Dave Grohl took a tumble and broke his leg earlier this year, Foo Fighters had to cut their tour short, cancelling shows at Wembley, Glastonbury and Edinbrugh. The new dates are as follows: September 5 ...

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Iggy Pop & Hotei Collaboration

‘How The Cookie Crumbles’  – the new collaboration between Iggy Pop and legendary Japanese guitarist Hotei is now avalible to hear on Youtube (as below). Opening with a growl, throughout the track gives you a sense of light hearted horror. The facts are ‘How The Cookie Crumbles’ is well written, and features some great guitar hooks, it’s catchy, and is quite refreshing. “In ...

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Iggy Pop to collaborate with legendary guitarist Hotei

Legendary Japanese guitarist Tomoyasu Hotei has had a brilliant career to date, most recognised for his track ‘Battle Withouut Honour Or Humanity’ as featured in the Kill Bill movies.  The GQ Japan Man of the Year 2014 has also announced a series of collaborations for his upcoming album, the first of which is with punk-rock icon Iggy Pop. The single ...

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