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Interview: Rich Ward of Stuck Mojo / Fozzy – Bloodstock 2016 (audio)

Known as ‘The Duke’ due to his innovative playing style – guitarist Rich Ward has had a glittering career in the world over the past three decades. Starting with rap-rock pioneers Stuck Mojo in the 90s and more recently with Fozzy and a few other projects in between – there’s no denying Ward hasn’t put the eg-work in. We caught ...

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Live Review: Fozzy / Nonpoint / Sumo Cyco, Riverside, Newcastle- Upon-Tyne

“FOZ-ZY! FOZ-ZY! FOZ-ZY!” The crowd are going wild for Jericho tonight. Tonight’s headline event has been a rumble at the Riverside – but we ain’t talkin’ no smack-down. This is the tag-team of Fozzy and Nonpoint with Sumo Cyco in their corner. One thing Fozzy frontman Chris Jericho doesn’t like to do is: mix his wrestling career with his music. ...

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