Saturday, February 24, 2024
Bill Ward

Reflections on Bill Ward’s outstanding solo album

Legendary drummer Bill Ward (ex-Black Sabbath) released an overlooked gem of an album back in 1997 entitled When the Bough Breaks, and I figured...
See The Light by Jeff Healey

See The Light by Jeff Healey – RAMzine Classic

There are many ways of finding a new artist, especially in this internet age - it wasn’t always that easy. An example of one...
Imaginaerum by Nightwish

Imaginaerum by Nightwish – RAMzine Classics

November 30th 2011 saw Finnish power metal legends, Nightwish, release their 7th studio album, Imaginaerum. A less traditional concept album that is more held together...
Kate Bush

Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love – RAMzine Classic Album

Kate Bush is arguably the most gifted songwriter that the UK has produced in the last 50 years and Hounds of Love is the...
Tramline - Moves Of Vegetable Centuries

RAMzine Classic: Tramline – Moves Of Vegetable Centuries

If you’re sitting comfortably, let me tell you a story of a band of musicians back in 1967, who were based in and around...

RAMZine Classic – Vanilla Fudge

If a band had such a significant influence on bands such as The Nice, Deep Purple, Yes, Styx, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep and more,...
Lucifer's Child The Wiccan

Through still waters and Unholy Fires – A brief note on the brilliance of...

For those of you out there who treasure deeply atmospheric black metal, there is a record from 2015 entitled The Wiccan by the Greek...
The Byron Band - On The RocksThe Byron Band - On The Rocks

RAMzine Classic: The Byron Band – On The Rocks

David Garrick was born on 29th January 1947 and sadly died from alcohol related issues on 28th February 1985. He did leave a considerable...
Green Bullfrog

RAMzine Classic – Green Bullfrog reaches its 50 (and 30) year anniversary

When, in 1972, an album was released that featured artists named Boots, The Boss, The Vicar, Sleepy, Sorry, Pinta, Speedy, Bevy and Jordan, it...
Samantha Fish - Runaway

RAMzine Modern Classic – Samantha Fish – Runaway

With her new album about to be released to great expectations, I thought it fitting that we look at her first studio album from...