Thursday, August 18, 2022
Them Bloody Kids

Revs & Riffs — Interview with Them Bloody Kids

I've got riffs coming out of my eyes and ears...
Mister Misery

Mister Misery: A Brighter Side Of Death – “A complete horror metal spectacle that...

Swedish horror metal band Mister Misery are set to release their sophomore album A Brighter Side Of Death via Arising Empire on 23rd April...
Eternal Idol

Dark Rhymes Shine – An Interview With Eternal Idol

Late last year Frontiers Records released a stellar power metal opus titled Renaissance by the Italian act known as Eternal Idol, and yours truly was blown away...

Conny Bloom of The Electric Boys talks about new album Ups!de Down

With the latest album Ups!de Down now on the (virtual) shelves, Conny Bloom the enigmatic frontman for The Electric Boys, has kindly shared his...

Northern Winds And The Cult Of Old – A Brief Chat With Helheim’s V’gandr

Norwegian pioneers Helheim are one of the most prominent purveyors of Viking metal out there and have been at it for three decades now,...

A world held to Ransom, inside the minds of a locked-down DIY band

A year in and I'm sure you are as bored of reading the words Global Pandemic and Covid as much as I'm bored of...
Eric Bell

By The Morning Gate – A Brief Chat With Thin Lizzy Founding Member Eric...

Fifty years ago, the legendary Irish rockers Thin Lizzy recorded and released their self-titled debut LP via Decca Records, and this particular album is...

Meet the woman behind StripKnot – burlesque dancing to metal bangers

Speaking to Trixie Blue about StripKnot - burlesque to metal bangers!

The Maw of Annihilation and Atrocity – An Interview with Fretmiden

A few years ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing a delightfully aggressive and musically interesting record entitled Omen by a group of skilled...
Escape The Fate

Interview with Thrasher of Escape The Fate on new album ‘Chemical Warfare’

Some who have been following Escape The Fate since their first album This War Is Ours will remember them playing local venues over the...