Sunday, March 3, 2024

Obituary: Dying of Everything in Manchester

Earlier in the year, Obituary played a one-off date in London and the rest of the UK said "Wait, what about us?" a question...

Aephanemer awaken Mancunian spirits on UK debut

Aephanemer landed on UK territory for the first time to showcase their potential as to why they are one of the rising stars of...
Decide | Photo by Hannah Verbeuren

Deicide take a detour in Manchester on their way to Hell

Deicide have a history of announcing shows that don't happen and for the most part, that's not their fault but it does make the...
Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit | Photos by Chris James Ryan

Limp Bizkit did it all for Yorkshire

Limp Bizkit are still one of the biggest acts in music and could probably sell out every venue they could find due to their...
Sacred Reich

Sacred Reich take Manchester surfing once again

Thrash is a lot like pizza; you know exactly what it is, you know it's good but it's always the same. You might get...

Pazuzu watches over Possessed in Manchester

Before Cannibal Corpse… before Morbid Angel… before death there was Possessed. Influencing thousands of bands in extreme metal and helping kick-start death metal itself....
Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland brings his country twang to Manchester

Actors who are also musicians have a chequered reputation, you have many who perfectly balance the two like Will Smith and Billy Bob Thornton...

Airbourne live up to Rock n Roll status in Manchester

G'day mate! Australia's upside-down-playing band have arrived in Manchester, crikey!  Airbourne have been blazing the trail of authentic rock n roll for more than two...

Chemicide inflict mass destruction upon Manchester

Costa Rica's Chemicide brought their thrash metal sound to the Star and Garter in Manchester, accompanied by the relentless energy of Must Kill and...
The White Buffalo

The White Buffalo brings Cowpunk to Manchester

Get ready to slip on those beloved cowboy boots and hat because tonight we're going all out with some serious yee-haw vibes. One of...