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Bleed From Within at Takedown Festival

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It’s an exciting time for Bleed From Within. They returned to Takedown Festival sub-headlining the UPRAWR stage, on the cusp of releasing new material. We caught up with Scott Kennedy (vocals) and Craig ‘Goonzi’ Gowans (guitars) about them about what we can expect why they chose to go with crowd funding for the new EP ‘Death Walk‘ (available digitally).

The band are currently in the process of putting together their next album, they told us “We are about halfway through, there are a lot of ideas there… it’s very much demo stage at the moment”.

“I can’t stress enough how good it sounds!” says Scott.

“We are picking up where ‘Uprising’ left off, we really want to up our game, it’s more anthems we are going for” says Craig. Scott continues “I think with a lot of metal bands it takes 2 or 3 or 4 albums before they really define their sound, we are taking the anthemic parts of ‘Uprising’, and focusing on writing timeless songs, we want to write a song that people will listen to in 20 years time”.

We also discus the bands reaction to Internet Trolls, and Craig tells us his thoughts on Ticket Touting.

Watch the full interview here:

Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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