PREMIERE: This Year’s Ghost ‘Old Familiar’

This Year's Ghost
“Old Familiar is about how frivolous the music business appears to be nowadays and how many artists in the public eye are struggling to stay afloat because of its monetary over quality nature. Despite all of the anxiety and worry that this may bring to us as artists, it has become an element of the industry we choose to accept and regardless, the strength to create music that we love remains like a fire in our bellies.” – This Years Ghost
Watch the new lyric video for This Year’s Ghost ‘Old Familiar’ here:

The track is taken from the bands new EP Taxidermy Eyes which was released earlier on this month, having been produced by big name producer Matt Hyde (who has worked with bands such as Fightstar, Machine Head and Slipknot). 
The track is filled with catchy melodies and an easy listening voice from vocalist Paul McKenzie. This Years Ghost combine a touch of aggression with beauty resulting in an emotive release. A track with plenty of meaning and a lot for people to relate to.



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