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Top 5 Tracks By Written by Wolves

It is amazing what you come across by listening to bands on YouTube. You go to hear a track and end up clicking on another link and by doing so discover a wealth of music you probably would never have heard, if not for being open minded and taking the plunge. One such band that has come to light are Written by Wolves their sound is varied and addictive even in their more quieter moments such as ‘Lights’ and even more so on tracks ‘Pretty Lies’, ‘Not afraid to die’ and ‘Explode’  where the rhythms turn malignant and powerful with sumptuous inviting tonal splendour!

Pretty Lies – This will probably be my favourite track of all time by Written by Wolves. The vibrancy that exudes through the track is just phenomenal. It’s a track that just keeps on giving and rewarding in large copious amounts. The smooth but strong vocals courtesy of Michael Murphy are more than impressive, and will in time I am sure, make history. Backed up with a powerful sound that offers serious excitement and compelling stamina that is boisterous and holding a sensational appetite. In all this quartet have all the winning qualities to succeed – no doubt about it!

Explode – This is another catchy number but don’t be fooled it still has enough bite to compel and fuels with an intense virulence. Similar to ‘Pretty Lies’ in the fact it holds a raunchy tribal beat and lyrics that shine with professionalism and maturity, it packs a severe left hook and comes out with winning traits that again compel and excite with every riff and beat, and once inside your head will never leave!

Lights – This is a track that kind of introduces you to the band in a light hearted fashion. Seeing them on swegwheels (electric balancing skateboards, complete with lights) as they navigate their way through Auckland to places we in Britain can only dream about, to a song that epitomises the band as being diverse, capturing a more mainstream angle, it simply flirts with adventure.

Not Afraid To Die – Back to their rock edge is the track ‘Not afraid to die’. This track was written about a cowboy in a Wild West shoot-out, and again traps the moment with absolute clarity! Its bristling rhythmic body literally pulsates into a magnitude of relentlessness with a vocal range that is equally pulverising.

Elastic Heart (Cover) – On seeking out the original which I can safely say is not my cup of tea, sung or should I say wailed out of tune by Canadian singer Sia, I was quite surprised as to why the band would want to cover this, however, looking past the mainstream rumpus, I realise that the band have once again shown expert diversity and demonstrated another string to their lethal bow.

If these five tracks are to go by then the album that is now in the making should be absolutely off the scale!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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