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Deliberations From The Shire with Mike James – Metal Mirror

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MWoBHM pioneers Metal Mirror’s new album Vodka, Hell & Angels is a fresh and updated look at the classic sounds of the band from back in the day. From the offset, it sets out as a booze-infused anthemic party to the ears. With the upsurge of new bands coming along copying this retro sound, it’s nice to see legends playing them at their own game and delivering a huge slap to the face using modern sounds to give their sound a twist.

Vodka, Hell & Angels still have both feet planted in the original “New Wave” with songs about drinking, Halloween, money and of course The Devil. Their playing is as strong as it’s always been with beefy hooks, sexy and sleazy guitar solos, thunderous drums and a voice that can make you want to become a rebel or grab ya girl and just get down and nasty with her. There is something for everyone who likes hard classic rock in this album. For me, the standout tracks are the title track, ‘Devil In The Glass’ and ‘I Love Halloween’  -which I think will get played lots over the coming weeks, make sure you check out the middle section of the tune for a face melting solo.

Mike James Rock Show
Mike James Rock Show
Hi Mike here i'm the guy behind Mike James Rock Show a weekly global syndicated radio show at the cutting edge of new Rock/Metal with lots of interviews and silly banter in between, I also podcast and DJ at a popular club night in my home town of Exeter deep in the shire, You can find out more of what goes on over at

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