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Interview: 36 Crazyfists

Since bursting onto the scene with ‘Bitterness the Star‘ shortly followed up by ‘A Snow Capped Romance‘, 36 Crazyfists were a breath of fresh air for metal fans. Somehow the success which they deserved eluded them, ‘Rest Inside the Flames’ treaded water and they were quickly dropped by Roadrunner Records. A few line-up changes occurred and a change of record label during a period which they released ‘The Tide and its Takers’ then ‘Collisions and Castaways’, which both albums subsequently sounded like a band trying to find their footing again.

It’s been a good 5 year wait for ‘Time and Trauma‘, the anticipation amongst 36 Crazyfists fans must be feverish. With bated breath waiting to see it, their return is a glorious one. We sat down with vocalist Brock Lindow at The Marble Factory in Bristol…

After a bit of a break, how are you fitting back into the tour lifestyle?

Alright, to be honest since we hadn’t been on the road for a while, it’s been a decent transition… we are still hungover everyday, we try to enjoy it as much as possible, with the same old tour routines.

‘Time and Trauma’ is sounding really re-energised and rediscovered, would you say you were on a path to rediscovery?

Definitely, because..

Read the full interview in Issue 1 of RAMzine:

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