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Interview with H.E.A.T. at Download Festival

Crash HEAT
Crash & VP

VP caught up with Crash, the drummer of Swedish band H.E.A.T. at Download Festival 2015. The band are fast hitting up the Hard Rock scene in the UK! Having this year played HRH United Festival in the UK and now landing an excellent slot at Download on the second stage right between super-band The Dead Daises, and Helsinki epic-rockers, Von Hertzen Brothers.

VP: How are you today?

Crash: I’m awesome thank you very much for asking, we just had a killer set on the Zippo Encore stage!

VP: Yeah! Unfortunately I have been stuck backstage doing interviews however our reporter Marcus has been out watching the bands, and he came back earlier and said to us “I  have just seen a really awesome band” and I asked him which one, and he said “H.E.A.T.”

Crash: Okay, cool!

VP: Yeah he said you put on a really explosive show, very energetic and well-rehearsed.

Crash: Yeah, we have been touring a lot over the past few years.

Vocalist: Erik Grönwall
Vocalist: Erik Grönwall

VP: How do you find the Download stage atmosphere?

Crash: It’s really good, we love touring and playing in the UK in general.

VP: Yeah, you have been hear a few times now, we saw you at HRH United, and then you released Live in London‘. What have you got coming up next?

Crash: Well, we will be playing Graspop Festival in Belgium (insert date), we are going to play Switzerland, Norway, and some festivals in Sweden. Then we are going to Japan in September!

VP: Wow! That will be fun! Have you been before?

Crash: Yeah, we played at Loud Park Festival – it’s a cool festival, we played with Judas Priest, and lot’s of cool bands.

VP: Ah we saw Judas Priest yesterday at Download! They were really good!

Crash: Yeah I know, it’s a shame I missed them play here!

Bassist: Jimmy Jay
Bassist: Jimmy Jay

VP: Are you going to catch any of the other bands play today?

Crash :Unfortunately not, as we have to leave for a 6pm flight.

VP: Ah no! You will miss Motley Crue’s last ever UK Festival!

Crash: Yeah, however luckily I saw them last week at Sweden Rocks Festival… they supported us actually.

VP: Excellent! That’s good!

Crash: Well, we started our set just when they finished their set.

VP: So, steering the conversation in a slightly different direction! What drives you to play Rock music?

Crash: The energy I suppose, I am a very physical person, I like to be on stage and just give it my all!”

VP: Well, you do a good job of that as H.E.A.T. are well known for their energetic live performance. When can we expect to see you back in the UK?

Crash: Soon! Probably we will release a new album, then come back a tour it.

VP:We look forward to it! Thank you very much for talking to us.

Crash: Thank you.

Live photos by Lisa Billingham of Billibee Creative.


Keep an eye out for our Download special in Issue 4 of RAMzine (out next month), which will feature full reviews of each day as well as many photographs. For now have a browse over our post-festival summery!

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