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Meet Psychotype – Poland’s M2TM winners – Bloodstock 2018

Although Metal To The Masses scours the  UK for the freshest metal talent, the competition spreads across Europe. In this case Poland. Meet Psychotype, a band whose influence spreads from The Prodigy to Messuggah, with the likes of SlipKnot in between. Like a lot of great bands off this ilk, Psychotype wear masks. We contacted the band to find out more about the M2TM Poland winners. We talk the Polish metal scene and Bloodstock’s legacy across the globe.

First of all – how Psycho are you?
It’s a secret… Next question please.

Now that’s cleared up – how do you feel winning Metal To The Masses in Poland?
We are now so proud and excited. This is really big “thing” for us. There were many bands, who tried to win, lot of them sounded very professional. The level of those competition was very high but we believed in our strength. It was only one way – win or die

Are you excited to play Bloodstock? Is it a big deal in Poland?
I will tell you once more: we are so excited!!! For new band on metal scene, as we are, this is a very big deal. Till that moment we played only 3 concerts. We got the possibility to play with such a well known bands like as Gojira, Judas Priest or Cannibal Corpse. And you have to know, that we are at the beginning of our career and that situation makes us psycho-happy and we believe that this is our moment. We want to show ourselves and get new fans, not only in Poland.

Your inspirations range from Meshuggah to The Prodigy, so how would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?
We get inspirations from different bands, it is shown in our song’s construction – you can find Korn styles, Slipknot or old Sepultura (respect!). We have also very deep dark song called “Sin” but I am not respond to talk about that song. But – people, if you like fat-groove metal with power riffs and you accept clear vocal or garish one, the album “The Way To Kill For” is for you!!!

What is the idea behind wearing masks to perform?
The idea to hide behind the mask has many opportunities, let’s called them good and bad… but we would like to keep privacy as long as is possible.

People never show their real faces. That’s why they have this psycho-part. For example: do your familly or your friends know everything about you? Why they don’t? Why you don’t show them all your secrets? We want to show a bit more in our music but we are hidden behind the masks.

As most of our readers are British, we don’t know what the rock/metal scene is like in Poland. Is their a lot?
Everyone knows that the best rock is from Britain but the best metal is from Poland, that’s clear;) Seriously there are many rock and metal bands in Poland but only few of them, we can say, are rock stars. We’re watching how many people in the whole world are true fans of Behemoth, they’re like black church. That is crazy shit, but we like it. Also just have a look on Riverside, one of the biggest prog rock band. Moreover, I love Decapitated – their last album was totally amazing. People expect some new sound, new music solutions and those bands show us how to be an artist, real artist.

Would you like to come to the UK more often?
Of course, our next challenge is Glastonbury! To be honest our music is not so popular in Poland, but we try to become more popular in our country. I love England, I left here a part of my soul. If we have possibility to come to England and play some serious gigs we’re open minded for any propositions. And what will we do? We will kick your asses!

What are your plans after Bloodstock?
We want to record our bloodstock concert and then prepare live video. In the nearest future we will record new single – a bit different than songs from album „The Way to Kill For”. We really hope that Bloodstock will open for us some opportunities for concerts, promotion abroad etc. We want to do our best.

What advice would you give to those who want to join a band in the future?
Never give up!!! Take a chance which life gives you everyday. And remember – don’t start doing things which you can’t finish. Stay Psycho!

You can find Psychotype here:

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Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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