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How the highest-paid rock stars spend their money

Our favourite rock stars such as Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, and Bono are some of the world’s highest-paid musicians in the history of music. Many of us are obsessed with them, we fawn over them, follow them from concert to concert, and even defend them when they make not so great headlines. They live such enviable lives as if they will never run out of money to spend on hobbies, travel and other incredible experiences.

Let’s run through a list of what these wealthy rock stars spend their money on, so that we too, even if for a brief moment, get to live vicariously through these millionaires.

–       Resorts and Casinos

With copious amounts of money at their disposal, our favourite rock stars are often spotted spending a lot of their downtime with fellow celebrity friends at expensive hotels, hosting poker nights and indulging in various expensive hobbies. We can all imagine that casino nights which involve either opting to play blackjack online games or settling for an in-house casino session of poker or baccarat are a staple for them. Casino games feature quite prominently as a favourite pastime for many of these rock stars.

–   Private Jets, Horses & Yachts

U2’s Bono spent what is estimated to be no less than $10 million on his Cyan yacht which he named ‘Kingdom Come’. A 48.7m / 159’9 superyacht that can accommodate 24 people, including crew, it houses an outdoor theatre, six cabins, a jacuzzi and an impressive array of other leisure and entertainment facilities.

Sometimes the difference between rich and wealthy lies in the ownership of private jets, horses and yachts. Famous wealthy people buy ponies for their children, have little to no commercial air travel experience and own the yachts they hang out on when they go on holidays to Malta or Italy. The possibilities are endless and nobody understands this better than wealthy people, comfort, luxury and the utmost convenience is a birthright. 

Nothing says rich and luxurious like owning private planes, horse stables and buying some of the world’s most expensive yachts.

–       Art and Real Estate

Two things wealthy people are sure to spend their money on – art and property. Wealthy celebrities are concerned with maintaining and bolstering their current financial status so as to ensure that they will always be able to afford the lifestyle they have grown accustomed to. They are also usually concerned with creating generational wealth so that their children can continue to enjoy the many luxuries that come with being wealthy, long after they are gone. 

Numerous wealth reports consistently show us that the world’s wealthiest people, of which a number of our favourite rock stars belong, make a habit of spending their money by wisely investing in property and art.

It is one thing to sell millions of records and receive sizable concert returns, it is a whole different ball game to have your millions tied up in appreciating assets which yield returns that will in turn contribute to growing even more wealth.

Whether or not we approve of how much money they amass, we remain envious of their lifestyle, their cars, and the many holiday homes they own in some of the world’s most expensive locations. Moreover, by appearing on the many fancy prestigious lists like the ‘world’s wealthiest celebrities’ or ‘highest earning artists’, some of them yearly without fail, they give us a lot to feel motivated and inspired by in working towards affording a life for ourselves that is also filled with the most luxurious of things and experiences.

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Lolly Rockly
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