As Sirens Fall reveal new track ‘Puppy Squad’

You may have read about As Sirens Fall on this very site, or seen them in the flesh supporting the likes of Sumo Cyco or Aiden in the past. Now the West Yorkshire lads have a brand new track, entitled ‘Puppy Squad’, available from May 15th.

Vocalist Mikey Lord had this to say about the track:

“This is a song about escaping toxic relationships, be they romantic or otherwise. For a very long time, I felt trapped with manipulative, agenda-driven people who made me feel like a sidekick – like I was small and worthless. It was dressed up as love, but it was all fake. Nothing I did was ever good enough. Who I was didn’t feel good enough. My world felt so small and as if at any minute everything was going to fall apart around me. I felt like I had lost touch entirely with who I am. I had to fight really hard to get away from that and to get back to me, and I LOVED the idea that as small as they made me feel I could still fight back – a tiny, adorable little dog baring his teeth and taking back control”.

The song was produced and mixed by Neil Kennedy, who has previously worked with Creeper, Milk Teeth, and Boston Manor – at The Ranch Production House. Mastered by Grant Berry who has also worked with All Time Low, You Me At Six, The Maine.

Also check out As Siren Fall’s YouTube channel for acoustic covers by Mikey Lord, below is a classic originally by The Bee Gees.

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