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V for Victory – Black Country Communion Return

Black Country Communion, the rock supergroup featuring Joe Bonamassa, Glenn Hughes, Jason Bonham, and Derek Sherinian return with Red Sun’, the second single from their eagerly awaited fifth studio album, V, due out on 14th June.

Written by Hughes and Bonamassa, ‘Red Sun’ is available now on all major streaming platforms, and you can check out the lyric video to the single right here at RAMzine.

Slam dunk heavy but with a colourful melodic groove, there’s an echo of yesteryear in its feel, but ‘Red Sun’ retains a contemporary edge, not least its lyrics in these days of constant wellbeing concerns.

‘Red Sun’ is a lyrical journey through the depths of the soul, echoing the struggles and revelations that come with life’s challenges. The song’s narrative and melody enhanced by the band’s signature blend of hard rock and blues, marking yet another milestone in their storied career. “This band allows me to embrace all of it,” commented Bonamassa. “It’s funny because the four musicians up here – Everybody brings a certain thing to this that’s very specific. Every part is irreplaceable. For me, it’s about playing old-style rock guitar, loud.”

Hughes added, “We make music for the five of us. We make music that we love and like, hoping it registers with everyone else. We don’t make it for record companies, or this guy or that guy.” Sherinian credits producer Kevin Shirley for keeping the band’s creative energies focused, “We got to give Kevin Shirley massive credit because he controls. He keeps it all flowing.” he noted.

‘Red Sun’ showcases the band’s growth and mutual respect. It stands as a beacon of their shared philosophy — to create music that is authentic, heartfelt, and a reflection of their collective experiences and musical prowess.

The release follows the band’s performance at the Culture Room in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA, that marked their first live performance in the U.S. in over 11 years. This event, along with their appearance on the Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea cruise, signifies an exciting new chapter for the band and their fans around the world.

Black Country Communion premiered their return to activity with ‘Stay Free’, the first single from V, that blended hard rock’s raw energy with a heavy dose of blues and funk, while channelling the spirit of legends like AC/DC and Led Zeppelin. Said to be “a testament to the band’s dynamic synergy and creative evolution”, it set the tone for what fans can expect. Still available on all major streaming platforms now, you can check the video for that here at RAMzine also.

As with the full album, that single was produced by longtime collaborator Kevin Shirley, about which he commented, “For a band that started out as a collection of the best practitioners of their instruments, they very quickly found a unique sound. This time around, it has more purpose, the riffs are tougher, and there are hooks! Yes, hooks! It’s the most cohesive record, full of soul and grit, and I think this is the one that’s going to be the benchmark for Black Country Communion.” 

Glenn Hughes agreed, commenting, “In my opinion, we had the best time recording this record at Sunset Sound in Hollywood, tons of fun & a magical recording. Meet you inside the music.”

“When we convened in 2023 to start recording the album V, it really was like picking up the day after the most recent gig,” Shirley reflected. “The camaraderie is immediately evident. Once they start playing, everyone is deadly serious, and the music sounds like this band, and nothing else sounds like it.”

Since their debut in 2010, Black Country Communion has delivered a series of well received albums, each showcasing the group’s ability to fuse British blues-rock with American soul in a way that captivates audiences worldwide. Their return with V should reaffirm their status as rock royalty and showcase their growth as musicians and storytellers.

Tracks to be featured on the new album are: ‘Enlighten’, ‘Stay Free’, ‘Red Sun’, ‘Restless’, ‘Letting Go’, ‘Skyway’, ‘You’re Not Alone’, ‘Love And Faith’, ‘Too Far Gone’ and ‘The Open Road’.

Black Country Communion’s V album can be ordered now from here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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