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Black River & Generation aXe

Polish heavy rock/metal band Black River has a new single out in ‘Civil Army’ alongside an official music video you can check out here at RAMzine.

Concuurentwith this is the announcement that their new album, Generation aXe, which is set for release on CD and digital on 24th June 24 through Crusader Records/Golden Robot Records.  A vinyl release will follow in early 2023.

Generation aXe focuses on the band’s anger at what they see happening in the world. They decided to express it in their music and “vomit all this venom”. The result is a collection of songs written without calculation but in full anger – closing out with a furious version of The Doors’ classic, ‘Break on Through‘.

Generation aXe features the tracks ‘Oxygen’, ‘Joker’, ‘Whiplash’, ‘Under My Flag’, ‘Generation aXe’, ‘Crossover Love’, ‘Civil Army’, ‘Burn It’, ‘Motherless’, ‘Inner Hell’ and ‘Break on Through’ as bonus track. It can be pre-ordered here.

The band features Tomasz ‘Orion’ Wróblewski (Behemoth) and Dariusz ‘Daray’ Brzozowski (Dimmu Borgir) and they are joined on their latest album by Piotr ‘Kay’ Wtulich and Artur ‘Art’ Kempa (Guitars) and vocalist Maciej Taff.

The band debuted in 2008 with the album Black River, that gained a lot of positive reviews and firmly established the band’s position on the market, and not just in Poland. Entering the studios again the following year, they released Black ‘N’ Roll expanding their fanbase. Unfortunately, at that moment, the singer’s health problems stopped Black River’s activities for several years. They came back with a big bang in 2019 with their new album Humanoid and have similar hopes for new album Generation aXe.

“This is a very important moment for us because we will have a chance to reach listeners all over the world with our music. This opens up a lot of new opportunities and we are already looking forward to giving you the first details about our future cooperation. We’ve been working hard over the years to finally have this chance, and we’ll do our best not to screw it up. Times are difficult not only for our industry, but moments like this give us strength and confirm our conviction about the right course,” said the band.

“Signing with Mark Alexander-Erber, CEO of Robot Records/Crusader in the US and Michał Wardzała, head of Mystic Production in Poland, guarantees the quality and professionalism we were looking for. Flying under the wings of these 2 labels gives us the piece-of-mind and Black River can fully focus on creating new sounds Look forward to new material soon.” The band added.

Released the tail-end of last year, Generation aXe saw the band signing a world-wide deal (with the exclusion of their homeland) with Crusader Records and their first single single release in ‘Crossover Love’ – You can watch official video for that one right here at RAMzine.

‘Crossover Love’ came together through the band’s shared anger at the state of the world; one in which people are starving, species are dying out, and in many places there is nothing to breathe and yet the so-called civilisation doesn’t care about anything other than earning money at all costs. 

‘Crossover Love’ is ferociouswhilst not sacrificing melody and it drives Black River into new territory, and can still be ordered here.

Discussing the new album, vocalist Maciej Taff said:”One night I woke up very f***ing angry and couldn’t sleep anymore, I realised that the level of this absurdity that surrounds us has exceeded all boundaries, that it is already unbearable, that this is not a world where we, our families and friends want to live. Half the world is starving, 70% of the population of known species have died out in the last 50 years, in many places there is nothing to breathe and the so-called civilisation does not deal with anything other than earning money at all costs.

“We met together and it was clear we all had the same anger, the same disagreement, the same f***ing anger. We decided to express it in our music, to record a 3-4-track EP, vomit all this venom. We met for the first time during the rehearsal, we started talking, playing and after 2 weeks we were already in the studio, instead of 3 songs we wrote 11 without calculation, in full anger. I thought when we recorded it, it would pass…. it hasn’t passed!”

Previously, they released ‘Joker’ as a single – It describes how we live in a seemingly nice world, where we can focus on self-development, earning money, and gigantic compulsive consumption; but in reality, this is an illusion that we choose to accept because it is easier to bear than the truth. ‘Joker’ is fast and furious with an aggressive punk edge to it. It is available on all digital platform from here and you can also check out the video her at RAMzine.

You can also listen to Black River here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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