Bone Acre Hold Their Hands To The Sky

Los Angeles desert rock act Bone Acre has been hard at work on their second album, Taciturnity, and prior to its release have issued a brand-new single ‘Hands To The Sky’ giving us a sonic preview of what to expect.

As with the single, to be released on Bread & Butter Records, lyrically, Taciturnity is said to reflects a weathered and wise experience, in-keeping with its backdrop. Sitting in front of the listener, the story offers both heartbreak and freedom. The narrative of deeply personal stories of perseverance result in vocals that range from wrought cathartic outpourings to exorcise past demons to defiant lived-experiences, and visceral admonishments.

Since the 90s, the term “desert rock” has been a genre associated with generator parties and searing, sludging, mid-frequency guitar riffing. Bone Acre emerged from that scene with a focus given to the new era we live on. Their live set offers songs intentionally crafted, with meticulous storytelling, while maintaining the spirit of what the high desert embodies, stark uncomfortable stillness, deep rumination, and an undefeated tireless heat.

Bone Acre are said to weave these themes sonically through arrangements that rise, fall, and stretch out like a lone desert highway, putting the song as a whole behind the wheel.

You can listen/stream/buy ‘Hands To The Sky’ by clicking here.


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