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Cabin Boy Jumped Ship

Slated for a May 27th 2022 release is the sophomore album from up-and-coming modern metal act Cabin Boy Jumped Ship, titled Sentiments it will be released through AFM Records.

Ahead of that they’ve brought out the track ‘Survivor’, as a new single, and you can catch the video for it right here at RAMzine.

“I know this song is going to be one of my favourite tracks to play live. It’s one of the heaviest tracks released to date and I can’t wait to perform it with you all!” said bassist Jayke Davenport.

“It feels so good to have new music out in the world again after so long and I hope our fans can connect with the feelings we portray in this new record,” added vocalist Conor Peek. 

Founded in Leicestershire back in 2013, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship have been constantly touring around the world, from Europe, through to Russia and even the Philippines, sharing stages with bands alike Eskimo Callboy, Deez Nutz and The Devil Wears Prada.

Following two EPs and their 2019 debut The Heartless, the band’s blend of electronics and metal into what they call electronicore has turned dance floors all over the world into pulsating mosh pits.

With more than two million streams on Spotify for The Heartless and more than a million views on their Youtube channel, Cabin Boy Jumped Ship has made an impressive stamp in the world of modern metal.
With new album Sentiments, a new record label with AFM Records) and their distribution partners Soulfood and Believe as backing, the four-piece will make a huge step forward.

“We are very excited that we signed the contract with AFM Records and being label mates of bands like We Butter The Bread With Butter or Lordi, to name just a few,” said drummer/clean vocalist Reece Miller. “That means also that our long expected second album will be released soon. We can’t wait to show our fans on what we worked hard for the last two years. And we would like to thank you for your patience.

“This new record is based around struggles that ourselves and the rest of the world can relate to in this day and age with the first track being a good example of what raw emotions the new album themes represents.”    

Tracks featured on the new album are: Sentiments’, 02. ‘Demons’, 03. ‘War’, 04. ‘Golden’, ‘Ghosts’, ‘Deluded’, ‘Suffering’, ‘Cure’, ‘Low’, ‘Survivor’ and ‘Smile’.

The aforementioned band members, alongside guitarist Abel Aguado, recorded and mastered Sentiments at the Innersound Studios in York, England together with the Graves brothers Sam and Joe (Asking Alexandria, Glamour Of The Kill, InVisions).

Available as gatefold coloured vinyl, limited box set and digipak, the album  can be pre-ordered via AFM Records.


Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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