Death or Liberty with Ocean Hills

Ocean Hills release their single ‘Death Or Liberty’ out now on AFM Records.

Ocean Hills is a daring new endeavour – a brand new start, but with the experience of countless tours and recording sessions behind the band of professional musicians involved.

Featuring film & TV actor Zoli Téglás who’s sang with Ignite, Pennywise and The Misfits previously, alongside Peter Lukacs (lead guitar), Daniel Szebenyi (keyboards and bass) and Reinder Oldenburger (rhythm guitar) – Their intent is to make you reflect and feel good, without being superficial or insignificant, with a subliminal, yearning element to the songs.

You can listen and subscribe to the band here.

You can pre-order Ocean Hill’s forthcoming album here.

And you can catch the video to ‘Death Or Liberty’ right here at RAMzine.


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