Ghost unveil Papa Emeritus IV at final show of ‘Prequelle’ tour.

Even before the release of Ghost’s latest album, Prequelle, there was speculation of when the next Papa was going to be ordained. We got contributions from both Papa Nil, and next in line Cardinal Copia, who both did sterling jobs on what is Ghost’s most well-received album to date.

So on the last night of the tour promoting ‘Prequelle’ – what happens next? Will the Cardinal be promoted? Will Papa Nil reclaim his place? Will there be a new Papa all together? As of last night (March 3rd) Cardinal Copia will now be known as Papa Emeritus IV.

The Swedish rockers played Mexico City as the final date of the Prequelle tour – during the saxophone solo for ‘Miasma’, Papa Nil mysteriously died. Meaning Cardinal Copia was ordained as their new full-time vocalist and Papa in his own right. Check out the Instagram post below:

Ghost are due to release new material in 2021. Check out a fan video below:


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