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HAiG’s Never Enough

HAiG release their new single ‘Never Enough’, the follow up to the critically acclaimed ‘Did I Just Make You Smile’ that Inspiral Carpets and XS Manchester’s Clint Boon called: “Another masterclass on how to write great edgy guitar pop from Mr Bibby and the band. The Single ‘Did I Just Make You Smile?’ is a classic radio and club anthem all primed and ready to go. Your time is coming.”
‘Never Enough’, has been described as an energetic love song that hits where it hurts. It’s about fighting a losing battle in love, but encourages the listener that if it’s worth fighting then keeping fighting.
Frontman Billy Bibby had this to say:

“This song was written from the heart and with a passion to try and knock down walls when listened to. I love a strong song that has some power behind it and live this song is fun to play. Only a short one but I think it’s got all it needs to just hit you where it hurts.

“The chorus is basically about saying to someone no matter how many times you try and convince them you love them and say it to them. They still don’t quite believe you for some reason. It’s fighting a losing battle. But if it’s worth fighting then keeping fighting the cause because love is the strongest passion you’ll ever feel. Plus it makes for a good song writing experience!! Rock n Roll people and enjoy!’’ 

Alongside Bibby in Haig are Carl Rutherford and Joe Mooney, with their debut EP Freeze The World being recorded with Dave Pemberton, who’s previously worked with The Prodigy.

Out now on Golden Robot Records, ‘Never Enough‘ can be bought and streamed here.

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Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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