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James Burton & Friends UK – For One Night Only

Renowned rock & soul guitarist John Oates (Hall & Oates), Sir Brian May guitar prodigy Arielle, and Monkees star Micky Dolenz are the latest musical icons to join legendary rock and roll guitarist James Burton for a special one-night-only concert at the iconic London Palladiumthis coming Sunday 4th June, under the banner head James Burton & Friends UK – For One Night Only.

They will join previously announced celebrated musicians: Sir Brian May, Van Morrison, Albert Lee and Jeff ‘Skunk’ Baxter. Together with further performers also announced including Jason Scheff, SteveWariner, Tommy Emmanuel, Tommy Sims, Caroline Jones, and Essex County.

Instantly known to Elvis Presley fans around the world and one of the most recognised musicians to emerge during North America’s burgeoning rock and roll, rockabilly and country music eras, James Burton’s name has since been attached to such legendary artists as George Harrison, Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis,Johnny Cash, The Everly Brothers, John Denver, Emmylou Harris, andMerle Haggard, and on thousands of recordings. His innovative use of banjo strings on his guitar in the 1950s to bend and stretch notes, coupled with his unique chicken pickin’ playing style revolutionised rock, country and pop guitar and continues to inspire and influence artists across all generations to this day.

Burton holds a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted by longtime fan and friend Keith Richards in 2001, and has also been recognised by the Rockabilly Hall of Fame. It should come as little surprise then that Burton’s London appearance on 4th June has drawn the participation of many of his fellow musical and artist admirers from around the world.

This very special and historic show will take its audience on a unique musical experience across more than six decades of exceptional musical history. In addition to the line-up of names announced so far will be Musical Director Leo Green, along with The Leo Green Orchestra – a fantastic ensemble of topflight musicians and singers, forming the supporting cast for this unique event. The evening will be hosted by Catatonia singer Cerys Matthews.

James Burton said: “We are thrilled to announce another host of phenomenal musicians for our unique event at The London Palladium. Don’t miss out on this evening of incredible musical entertainment that will help our Foundation continue its mission of providing music education to those who need it most. We’re grateful to all of the artists who are generously donating their time and talent to support our cause.”

Proceeds from the show will go to The James Burton Foundation, a non-profit organisation that supports music education for those in need through guitar donations and music instructions. Over the years, the foundation has given thousands of guitars to schools, children’s and veterans’ hospitals, and other organisations. The success of this event will allow the Foundation to expand its music education program, facilities, and partnerships.

James Burton explained: “I’ve always wanted to do my own show, which – in 2005, we actually came up with the idea, invite all my friends that I worked with, and all my guitar player friends and singers as well. I wanted to do something for the kids in music, and I got to thinking I would like to donate guitars to the kids in school – You know, get music back in schools. But the government took it out years ago. I still get letters from teachers and young kids thanking me for this program that we do.”

Tickets for James Burton & Friends UK – For One Night Only are available from and

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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