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The Damn Truth… Lonely No More

Psychedelic Montreal four-piece rock and roll band, The Damn Truth, release their new single, ‘Lonely’, today,  and you can check out the accompanying music video for it right here at RAMzine

“The song ‘Lonely’ started taking shape in our touring van as we began a cross Canada tour,” revealed The Damn Truth’s lead singer, Lee-La Baum. “Three days into that journey, our van went up in flames with our acoustic instruments, personal belongings and our hopes to continue our long-awaited tour.

“We put together a GoFundMe campaign so that we could rent wheels that would take us and our trailer of stage gear home. 24 hours later there was an incredible amount of money in our account. It was enough to buy a new van, clothes, and rent the gear to continue our tour. It was the beginning of our love affair with the incredible hearts and souls that make up our rock n roll community.”

“After the tour, we started recording demos for the songs that would later become Now or Nowhere. ‘Lonely’ was one of the first songs we sent to Bob Rock, but it was originally called ‘Needs Help.’ It was just an acapella vocal line because, after the van fire, which was the way we were playing it on tour. It was an ode to our fans that saved us from being lonely and stranded on the highway.”

“Bob fell in love with the song right away and told us not worry; that Tom should just try to play a guitar lick along with the vocal melody and the rest would all fall into place in the studio. That’s exactly what happened. Bob walked into the live room and said, ‘The whole song is there, just play it.’ With his masterful, skilful ear and delicate direction, within two hours the song was recorded. Done.”

Opening with police and fire engines screaming in the dead of night as an upturned vehicle burns furiously, Baum begins to hum as the video for ‘Lonely’ changes focus. Scenes, as if in flashback, then show group members strung out on the backseat, or guitars in arm, as smoke begins to drift up, and much as that may be to imply said van’s about to go belly-up it suits the new age Ken Kesey’s Merry Pranksters vibe this Canadian act postulate charismatically.

From that hum to whispered vocals before a full-on, low-down raging narration of personal misbehaviour, past and present, alongside acts done to her by others, the vocalist encapsulates her and the rest of The Damn Truth‘s colourful career thus far. It’s cut between day-tripping travelogue and studio recording scenes, as we get some mean gutter-blues with a scuzzy freaked guitar dripping all over. But check that out for yourselves via the video below.

‘Lonely’ dovetails with The Damn Truth’s summer concerts in the UK throughout July. The band will play a series of headline concerts and will also play Steelhouse Festival on Saturday 29th July. Tickets for the band’s July headline concerts are available by clicking here.

The Cold Stares will support The Damn Truth at London O2 Islington Academy2, Empyre on all other dates, except Sheffield Greystonesowhere support will come from Zac and the New Men and Tessio.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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