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Keith Cook’s Rock & Roll Riot

Keith Cook, guitarist for protopunk band Debris, releases his new album Rock & Roll Riot on 29th October, and has a new single called ‘Cease‘ out right now on Riot Records.

‘Cease’ is the follow up to recent singles; the tongue in cheek three chord rock ‘Child’s Play’ and barnstorming ‘Never Equate’.

‘Cease’ features Dave Foster (Nirvana) on drums, and recorded by legendary grunge producer Steve Fisk.  Along with ‘Never Equate’, it’s two sides of the same coin written as a double A-side single (like a Beatles or Queen 45). 

It’s a two guitars, bass and drums rock song, with riffs drawing from punk & hard rock (played through Hagstrom guitars, vintage tube Supro amps like Led Zeppelin used, Big Muff distorted bass plus a massive Melvins style drum kit) bemoaning the gentrification of Seattle in a broad yet incisive enough shot that you could apply it to any place.

All three singles feature on Cook’s upcoming album Rock & Roll Riot, that will be released digitally, on CD and Vinyl on the 29th of October through Riot Records.

Recorded in producer Steve Fisk’s garage home studio, Keith Cook’s Rock & Roll Riot is garage rock in the purist sense of the term.

Cook’s sophomore record is backed by Dave Foster, Aaron Burckhard & Kera Schaley of Nirvana, Steve MacKay of The Stooges, Criss Crass of The Muffs, The Vains, Wayne/Jayne County, Travis McNabb of Greg Sage and The Wipers, Kirk Heydt of Flipper Pop O Pies and Steve Fisk. 

You can listen/buy ‘Cease’ here and pre-save/pre-order Rock & Roll Riot here.

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