Kombi Killers

Old school punk rockers Kombi Killers, from Brisbane, Australia, have been belting out their original sounds for over a decade. The band is set to release their new single ‘Don’t Start’ via Riot Records on 22nd February. 

Highly influenced by the early punk scene they grew up on, from bands such as Anti-Nowhere League, The Sex Pistols to GBH and The Misfits. Having previously recorded two EPs in We Are Robot and Raise your Flag, The Kombi Killers built a strong following locally.

They’ve had a few changes over the years, but 2019 brought a new chapter of evolution as their energy levels and passion became even stronger. Kombi Killers headed back into the studio to rerecord some favourites and some new tracks written collaboratively.

Don’t Start’  is a classic punk anthem and you can pre-order/save new single ‘Don’t Start’by clicking here.

The Kombi Killers features front man and vocalist Steve Ingram, who was born in England and grew up during the punk revolution, drummer Dave Small, guitarists Allan Dyer and Steve Langford, and bass player Adam Markovich.

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