Kryptos’ Afterburner

Bangalore, India isn’t high on your list when you think of heavy metal hotbeds of activity but Kryptos put a lie to that belief, having been together 21 years.

This June they release their latest album Afterburner on AFM Records.

The first ever Indian metal band to tour Europe, aside from festival dates they’ve supported the likes of Testament and Iron Maiden. Influenced by the likes of Accept, Judas Priest and Kreator; this four piece play old school heavy metal with an added thrash element.

Released on 21st June aside ‘Afterburner’ itself the album also features the following tracks: ‘Cold Blood’, ‘Dead Of Night’, ‘Red Dawn’, ‘On The Run’, ‘The Crimson Queen’, ‘Mach Speed Running’, ‘Into The Wind’.

Afterburner is the fifth album from Kryptos and can be pre-ordered by clicking here.



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